Stamina Sorcerer Heavy Armor Werewolf Build PvP Elder Scrolls Online ESO

Stamina Werewolf Sorcerer Build

Stamina Sorcerer Heavy Armor Werewolf Build “Rage”


Welcome to the Stamina Sorcerer Werewolf Build “Rage” for Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO.
The Rage build is a heavy armor stamina Sorcerer Build for PvP. Insane Tanky with crazy healing and good burst combos! In Werewolf form the damage is insane with the right combo. We are using Selene Monster set together with Black Rose and Viper Sting.

General Information

Stamina Sorcerers have a great advantage in Werewolf form, Critical Surge skill also works in Werewolf, which means you will have very good healing output while you are dealing a crazy amount of damage. Sorcerers also benefit from a lot of Ultimate cost reduction. The Werewolf Ultimate only costs 255 Ultimate points compared to other classes 300 Ultimate points cost. Sorcerers also have one of the greatest resource management tools aka Dark Deal. You trade a little bit of magicka versus a huge amount of stamina and the best part, it also heals you at the same time! We are utilizing heavy armor, constitution passive provides us with a lot of extra magicka. That is why we can use Dark Deal quite often before we run out of magicka. On top of that it also makes our Resistance rating pretty good.

  • Insane burst combos
  • Werewolf Build
  • Heavy Armor
  • Selene+Blackrose+Viper Set
  • Huge resource pool
  • Good resource management
  • Insane tanky
  • Insane selfhealing with Critical Surge

Stamina sorcerer heavy Armor

Resource Management & Healing

Stamina Sorcerers have very unique ways of managing their resources and how they heal. We recover a lot of resources through Heavy Attacks, Constitution passive, Dark Deal & Redguard passive. Heavy attacks deal a ton of damage and because we are putting points into Tenacity CP Perk we also restore more stamina. Constitution passive gets buffed via Black Rose set and both restores stamina & magicka. Dark Deal costs magicka and gives us health and stamina back. And because we get a lot of magicka back from the Constitution passive, we always have magicka at our disposal! This kind of setup makes Dark Deal very effective to manage your resources, its your most important tool! On top of that, if you are a Redguard (which I do recommend) you will also get more stamina back from the Adrenaline Rush passive. In terms of healing, we do have Critical Surge, which basically heals us while we do damage. This skill is insanse and before we transform into Werewolf, we always want to reactivate this skill. It lasts for 33 seconds and keeps working in Werewolf form for the whole duration, making Werewolf insanely strong and almost impossible to kill! Dark Deal also provides us health on top of the stamina we get which is just crazy. Apart from that we have the usual healing skills like Rally & Resolving Vigor too.

Werewolf Berserker

Werewolf Berserker form is very important for this build. You must understand how you should handle yourself while you are in Werewolf form. First off, resource management is very important. I do recommend playing around a little bit on a target skeleton using skills and so on to get a feeling of when do you need to do heavy attacks to restore stamina. You also should practice the right combos on a Target Skeleton to get the feeling of when to use what. Like I said in the Build Video, if you are playing solo only stay in Werewolf form for as long as Critical Surge is active. Otherwise your most important heal will fall off and you will most likely die. If you are playing in a group with a dedicated healer, then this is not that crucial but I still do recommend changing back. You want to use Werewolf form in tricky situation when you want to focus down a certain healer or very tanky person.

Gear [Best in Slot]

Black Rose is a keypart of the build. It buffs the Constitution passive by quite a bit, which gives a huge amounts of magicka and stamina back every 4 seconds. We need the extra magicka to use Dark Deal which trades magicka into stamina & health. This is very important and you must understand why to make this build work!

Why Selene? It simply procs the most of all Monster Sets and hits like a truck. If you do prefer other Monsters sets you can wear something else 🙂

Gear Set Weight Trait Enchantment
Chest Blackrose Heavy Impenetrable Tri-Stat Glyph
Belt Blackrose Heavy Impenetrable Stamina
Shoes Blackrose Heavy Impenetrable Stamina
Pants Blackrose Heavy Impenetrable Tri-Stat Glyph
Hands Blackrose Heavy Impenetrable Stamina
Head Selene Medium/ Heavy Impenetrable Stamina
Shoulder Selene Medium/ Heavy Impenetrable Stamina
Necklace Viper Jewelry Stamina Weapon Damage
Ring Viper Jewelry Stamina Weapon Damage
Ring Viper Jewelry Stamina Weapon Damage
Weapon 1 DW Viper Dagger Sharpened Damage Health Poison
Weapon 2 DW Viper Dagger Sharpened Damage Health Poison
Weapon 2 Maelstrom/  Random 2H Axe/Mace/ Sword Sharpened

Where can I get the gear?

Black Rose: Imperial City Vendor
Viper’s Sting: Fungual Grotto
Selene: Selene’s Web

Black Rose armor pieces only cost 5k Tel Var per piece in impenetrable, so it is pretty easy to get. The weapons need to be purchased from the Black Rose purple boxes which cost 3k Telvar each. Droprate is not that good, so it might take you a while to get the right trait! Also you can buy it from the Guildstores if people sell them!

Viper’s Sting Sharpened Dagger drops in Fungual Grotto 2 from the second boss called Gamyne Bandu. It will take you about 5-20 runs to get two sharpened daggers!


Stamina Sorcerer Heavy Armor

Bloodthrist vs Steel Tornado: If you are playing solo, use Bloodthrist. It is a very nice heal, especially used in combination with Critical Surge. If you do play in a small group you can use Steel Tornado for some AoE damage if you want.

Dizzying Swing vs Reverse Slice: If you are playing solo, keep using Dizzying Swing, it is a great tool to stun your enemies. If you play in a small group you can use Reverse Slice for some Splash damage when you focus down certain enemies!

Dualwield Mainbar Two Hander bar
Slot 1: Deadly Cloak Slot 1: Rally
Slot 2: Hurricane Slot 2: Dark Deal
Slot 3 Bloodhirst Slot 3: Streak
Slot 4: Critical Surge Slot 4: Dizzy Swing
Slot 5: Resolving Vigor Slot 5: Shuffle
Ultimate: Berserker Ultimate: Dawnbreaker of Smiting

Championpoints [600 CP]

The Ritual
90 Mighty, 30 Precise Strikes, 20 Piercing
The Attronarch
30 Shattering Blows
The Apprentice
30 Blessed
The Shadow
40 Tumbling
The Lover
60 Tenacity
The Tower
100 Warlord
The Lord
The Lady
100 Hardy, 100 Elemental Defender
The Steed

Championpoints for Stamina Sorcerer Heavy Armor Werewolf Build [300 CP]

The Ritual
90 Mighty, 10 Piercing
The Attronarch
The Apprentice
The Shadow
The Lover
The Tower
100 Warlord
The Lord
The Lady
50 Hardy, 50 Elemental Defender
The Steed

I also do recommend using the Serpent Mundus stone for some extra Stamina recovery!

Important Info for Stamina Sorcerer Heavy Armor Werewolf Build “Rage”

Here you can find information about what race, buff-food, potions & poisons you want to use. I also do list all the passives that you need for this setup.

Longfin pasty with Melon Sauce (Max Health+Max Stamina+Max Magicka)
Dubious Camoran Throne (Max Health+Max Stamina+Stamina Recovery)

Mundus Stone
Thief Mundus (Increased Weapon Critical)

Redguard (Recommended)

Immovable Potion
(Health,Stamina, CC Immunity)
(Columbine, Namiras Root, Mounntain Flower)

Immovable Potion (With speedbuff)
(Speedbuff ,Stamina, CC Immunity)
(Blessed Thistle, Columbine, Namiras Rot)

Drain Health Posion
(Butterfly, Spider egg, Bugloss)

In case you are still unsure on how to mix the ingredients together, you can check out a alchemy simulator here: Alchemy Simulator 

You will need the following passives:
Dark Magic, Daedric Summoning, Storm Calling, Heavy Armor, Medium Armor (If you wear 1 or 2 pieces), Dualwield, Two-Hander, Werewolf, Fighters Guild, Racial, Undaunted, Assault, Support, Alchemy: Medicinal Use

Update Log

03.04.2017 Added new Drink to the Buff-food section “Dubious Camoran Throne Drink” + Updated visuals

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