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Stamina Sorcerer DPS Test

DPS Test Stamina Sorcerer

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Deathstroke Build DPS Parse on Rakkhat Hardmode – Morrowind

We are using the Deathstroke Build setup with a Maelstrom Sword Sharpened.

Gear used



Standard rotation was used like I explained in the Build video. Its a mixed Heavy Attack and Light Attack rotation. Frontbar we are weaving Heavy Attacks combined with Wrecking Blow because they boost each other very well and on the backbar we are using Light Attacks. On our backbar we have a lot of DoTs, its pretty simple every 8-10 seconds we swap to our backbar to reapply our DoTs and then swap back to the frontbar to continue the Heavy Attack Wrecking Blow Combo. I usually track Endless Hail or Poison Injection, when they reach 2 seconds on the DoT tracker, I swap to the backbar and reapply the DoTs:

Rearming Trap > Light Attack >  Endless Hail > Light Attack >  Caltrops > Light Attack >  Poison Injection > Light Attack > Weapon Swap

The backbar is always the same so once you know it by memory not a lot can go wrong. The only Skill that does not really fit into the rotation is Hurricane, you have to reapply this one once it ran out after 15 seconds. Brawler is used before we swap to our backbar. You can animation cancel this skill very well, like I showcased in the Build video. I usually do about 3 Heavy Attacks on the frontbar per rotation. So your front bar looks like:

Weapon Swap > Heavy Attack > Wrecking Blow > Heavy Attack > Wrecking Blow > Heavy Attack > Wrecking Blow > Light Attack > Brawler > Weapon Swap (Reapply Hurricane when it ran out).

As you see in the video, I had issues hitting Rakkhat when he spawned, you need to be literally on the edge of the platform to be able to hit him, its possible, but be careful otherwise you will get the debuff from the platform, so might be wise just to apply DoTs and then use Poison Injection and Light Attacks till the Boss moves to the first platform.

Combat Metrics Parse

Deathstroke Stamsorc 2H rakkhat hm Deathstroke Stamsorc 2H rakkhat hm

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