Stamina Sorcerer PvP Build DW for Dragon Bones, Elder Scrolls Online ESO

Stamina Sorcerer PvP Build

Stamina Sorcerer PvP Build DW “Dot-Doc” – Dragon Bones DLC

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Welcome to the Stamina Sorcerer PvP Build DW “Dot-Doc” for Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO.

The Stamina Sorcerer PvP Build DW “Dot-Doc” is made for CP and No-CP Campaigns.  It is a Heavy Armor Build focused on high pressure on the enemies with Damage over Time Effects. We have a lot of Damage over Time Effects like Blood Craze, Bloodthrist, Deadly Cloak, Hurricane, Endless Hail, Rearming Trap and Poison Injection that keep the enemy busy and then we can finish them off with Draining Shot, Ballista or Dawnbreaker of Smithing. Rearming Trap helps a lot, most people can then not move out of our AoE damage and they have to take all the damage in their faces. Even the most tanky characters will have troubles keeping up with all the DoTs you put on them.

Abilities like Blood Craze, Critical Surge and Bloodthrist also heal you while you deal damage, sometimes I do not even use Vigor as those abilities already provide enough healing so I swap Vigor out for Dark Deal, which also heals when you activate the skill. We are using Dubious Camoran Thone with Bone Pirate (3 Jewelry 2 Body Pieces). This allows us to be in Heavy Armor, the second five piece set is Mechanical Acuity, which gives us a huge burst potential of five seconds where we get our weapon crit up to 100% and can pressure the enemy a lot. For most targets its quite difficult to keep up with all the DoTs so you will get into execute range very fast. You can also utilize other sets like Ravager or Seventh Legion Brute. Remember, the second five piece set is only active on our frontbar.

  • Heavy Armor
  • High Pressue with Damage over Time Effects
  • DoT Build
  • Crazy Damage
  • Dualwield & Bow
  • Playable in No CP and CP Campaign
  • Good Sustain
  • Strong Healing

Changes from the previous version

Updated and added CP, updated Passive section. Other than that no other changes.

Resource Management

We are using Dubious Camoran Thone with Bone Pirate (3 Jewelry 2 Body Pieces). This allows us to still be in Heavy Armor so we benefit from Constitution and are we are also more tanky. I always use Heavy Attacks on this build. Dualwield Heavy Attacks are almost twice as fast as other Weapon Type Heavy Attacks. So we have insanely fast Heavy Attacks which also restore a lot of resources. On top of that you can also use Potions which will help a lot. If you like you could also use Dark Deal on your bars to gain some more sustain.

I recommend being a Redguard as it helps tremendously with sustain. I am currently using the Warrior Mundus Stone. However, if you want you could also use the Serpent Mundus Stone for more Stamina Recovery. You can also place Cost Reduction or Recovery Glyphs on your Jewelry if you feel like you do not have enough sustain. Experiement around and find your sweet spot!

  • Dubious Camoran Throne & Bone Pirate
  • Heavy Attacks
  • Redguard passive
  • Potions
  • Dark Deal
  • Cost Reduction/ Recovery Glyphs
  • Serpent Mundus Stone (Not Mandatory)

PvP Setup


Gear Setup 1

  • Valkyn Skoria? Combined with all the Damage over Time effects this set procs a lot, also this set does insane damage and helps killing off targets with eaze.
  • Infused vs Impenetrable? I like to run Infused on the big pieces as it gives us way more resources. In No-CP PvP most people do not have a lot of crit so it does not really matter whether we use Infused or Impen. In the CP Campaign it we have Championpoints that help us with more critical resistance. If you want more Impenetrable, go for it.
  • Full Weap Damage on Jewelry? Adjust this to your liking, if you think you benefit more from a Cost Reduction or Recovery Glyph, go for it. You need to feel comfortable with your sustain.
  • Maelstrom Bow? If you do not have access to a Mealstrom bow, then you can use a Kvatch Gladiator Bow Infused with a Frost Damage Enchantment to damage and debuff the enemy.
  • Heavy Armor: Make sure to have 5 Heavy Armor pieces. You need to have 2 Bone Pirate Medium Armor Pieces, so everything else needs to be in Heavy Armor, Monster Set included.
  • Other Sets? You can also use Seventh Legion or Ravager instead of Acuity.
Gear Set Weight Trait Enchantment
Chest Mechanical Acuity Heavy Infused Tri-Stat
Belt Bone Pirate's Tatters Medium Impenetrable Stamina
Shoes Bone Pirate's Tatters Medium Impenetrable Stamina
Pants Mechanical Acuity Heavy Infused Tri-Stat
Hands Mechanical Acuity Heavy Impenetrable Stamina
Head Valkyn Skoria Heavy Infused Tri-Stat
Shoulder Valkyn Skoria Heavy Impenetrable Stamina
Necklace Bone Pirate's Tatters Jewelry Robust Weapon Damage
Ring Bone Pirate's Tatters Jewelry Robust Weapon Damage
Ring Bone Pirate's Tatters Jewelry Robust Weapon Damage
Weapon 1 DW Mechanical Acuity Axe Nirnhoned Poison Damage
Weapon 1 DW Mechanical Acuity Dagger Infused Damage Undead & Daedra
Weapon 2 The Master's Bow Bow Infused Weapon Damage Enchantment

Where can I get the gear?

Valkyn Skoria: City of Ash 2
Bone Pirate's Tatters: Blackheart Haven
Ravager: Guild Store or PvP Heavy Armor Vendor in Vlastarus
Seventh Legion Brute: Bangkorai or Guildstore
Mechanical Acuity: Craftable in Clockwork City
Master's Bow: Dragonstar Arena

Skills for PvP

  • Overload Bar? You could use Overload on the 3rd bar if you want. I usually do not use it because it makes you vulnerable. Plus I like to burst down enemies so no time for barswapping a hundred times.
  • Draining Shot: Apply all your Other DoTs and then use this, most people will amost die immediately as they get CCed and all the DoTs hit them, plus it gives you a huge heal.
  • Vigor vs Dark Deal: Depeneding on whether you run with a healer or not, you can swap out Vigor with Dark Deal for more sustain. You could also slot Dark Deal instead of Rearming Trap for example.
Dualwield Mainbar Bow bar
Slot 1: Deadly Cloak Slot 1: Arrow Barrage
Slot 2: Critical Surge Slot 2: Reaerming Trap/ Dark Deal
Slot 3 Bloodthirst Slot 3: Poison Injection
Slot 4: Bloodcraze Slot 4: Draining Shot
Slot 5: Resolving Vigor/ Dark Deal Slot 5:Hurricane
Ultimate: Dawnbreaker of Smiting Ultimate: Ballista/ Overload


This build works both for the Non Championpoints Campaign and the Championpoints Campaign.

Championpoints [720 CP]

The Ritual
49 Mighty, 48 Piercing, 20 Precise Strikes, 40 Thaumaturge
The Attronarch
20 Shattering Blows, 20 Master-at-Arms
The Apprentice
43 Blessed
The Shadow
50 Tumbling, 33 Shadow Ward
The Lover
49 Tenacity, 49 Mooncalf
The Tower
51 Warlord, 8 Sprinter
The Lord
37 Quick Recovery
The Lady
37 Hardy, 37 Elemental Defender, 26 Thick Skinned
The Steed
59 Resistant, 44 Ironclad

Important Info for Stamina Sorcerer PVP Build DW


Dubious Camoran Throne (Max Health+Max Stamina+Stamina Recovery)

Mundus Stone

The Serpent (Stamina Recovery)
The Warrior (Increased Weapon Damage)


Redguard (Recommended)


Immovable Potion
(Health,Stamina, CC Immunity)
(Columbine, Namiras Root, Mounntain Flower)

Immovable Potion (With speedbuff)
(Speedbuff ,Stamina, CC Immunity)
(Blessed Thistle, Columbine, Namiras Rot)

Weapon Crit Potions 
(Weap dmg, Weap Crit, Stamina)
(Blessed Thistle, Dragonthorn, Wormwood)

In case you are still unsure on how to mix the ingredients together, you can check out a alchemy simulator here: Alchemy Simulator


  • Dark Magic: All
  • Daedric Summoning: All
  • Storm Calling: All
  • Dual Wield: All
  • Bow: All
  • Heavy Armor: All
  • Medium Armor: All
  • Fighters Guild: All
  • Undaunted: All
  • Vampire (optional): All
  • Racial: All
  • Assault: All
  • Support: All
  • Alchemy: Medicinal Use


Update Log

09.02.2018 Updated Build for Dragon Bones DLC Stamina Sorcerer PVP Build DW
04.05.2018 Updated Gear Setup, swapped to nirnhoned mainhand and infused offhand, changed to Master’s Bow
04.05.2018 Updated Gear Description Stamina Sorcerer PVP Build DW

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