Stamina Optimization in Raids, Elder Scrolls Online ESO

Stamina Optimization in Raids

There is a lot of good Stamina Sets available, here are some good Stamina Sets:

Lone Wolf Stamina Setup

When you are playing as the only Stamina Setup we always use Two Fanged Snake. However, if there are several Stamina setups in your group you can optimize the DPS by quite a bit.

Two Fanged Snake is 5x 860 Penetration = 4300 Physical Penetration. So if you are playing alone it is your best option, given that the buff does not always fall off.

  • 5x Two Fanged Snake
  • 5x Hundings Rage or Relequen
  • 2x Monster Set

Setup 1 with Berserking Warrior:

  • 5x Berserking Warrior
  • 5x Relequen
  • 2x Monster Set

This is the most common Stamina Gear Setup.

Setup 2 with Sunderflame:

  • 5x Sunderflame (Minor Fracture and Minor Breach 1320 Penetration)
  • 5x Relequen
  • 2x Monster Set

Sunder Flame only works on single target, keep that in mind.

Setup 3 with Morag Tong:

  • 5x Morag Tong
  • 5x Relequen
  • 2x Monster Set

Morag Tong is only worth it if you have 2 or 3 Stamina Dragonknights in your group.

Setup 4 with War Machine:

  • 5x War Machine
  • 5x Berserking Warrior
  • 2x Monster Set

I only recommend running War Machine on a setup that uses low cost ultimates.

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