Introduction to Sheogorath’s Corner

Welcome little mortal, I have been waiting for you haha! Interested in fun and unique builds?! Then you are definitely in the right place, well… at least I think so… kind of got confused with all the cheese lying around here! Nonetheless, I recommend trying out these builds in Dungeons and Overland content. However, if you are one of the funny ones, you can also give it a shot in trials! Let me guarantee you, everyone will love it!


Sheogorath’s Corner

Be not mistaken, those builds are unique and fun, trust me…. they work like a charm! Each build has an unique theme, I made sure they are blessed with cheese and cream! These builds are both for new and old warriors that want to have fun, playing with them, might cause some strokes among the try hard folks!


Shivering isles is where the creations are made, therefore it might take a while for new ones to be portrayed. While you patiently wait for new inspirations, why don’t you check out some of my other creations!

Why are you still here?

Woops! I guess the cat’s out of the bag on that one! Who puts cats in bags anyhow? Cats HATE bags. ANYWAY, I am starting to drift off, it is time for you to check out those wonderful creations! Here are some, more will follow soon!

More builds for Sheogorath’s Corner will come, but for now I must rest!

Introduction to the Builds

If you have any feedback for the Sheogorath’s Corner builds, I recommend joining my Discord Server “AlcastHQ”. I have a dedicated channel for the Sheogorath’s Corner where you can give feedback and talk about ideas or things you would like to see in the future.


Sheogorath’s Corner

Shield Tank Build “Pulse”

The Dragonknight Shield Tank PvE Build “Pulse” for Sheogorath’s Corner features the sets Brands of the Imperium which drops in White Gold Tower & Lunar Bastion which can be obtained in Maw of Lorkhaj, both those sets can be obtained in either normal or veteran mode. As a monster set we are using the Lord Warden set that can be obtained in Imperial City veteran.

The key idea behind this setup here is that we are using a lot of different shields to protect our group. We have four different shields that we can apply. Brands of the Imperium procs on damage taken and gives a big shield, Lunar Bastion can be activated when using a synergy and will give a small shields to the group every two seconds. Igneous Shield ability can be used whenever you want to apply a medium sized shield to your group and the Magma Shell Ultimate can be used to give a big shield to the group. In addition, we are using the Lord Warden Monster Set to also have a blue orb placed close to the group and give them extra resistances.


Magicka Sorcerer Build “Caluurion”

Sheogorath’s Corner

This Build for Sheogorath’s Corner is based on the Boss “Caluurion” from the Fang Lair Dungeon and features sets like Caluurion’s Legacy which launches a Fire, Ice, Shock, or Disease ball at your target when you deal Critical Damage with a single target magicka ability. The Nerien’eth monster set which summons a Lich Crystal that explodes after 2 seconds when you deal direct damage, this can also be activated by Caluurion’s proc. Caluurion’s Legacy requires a critical hit to get activated and Nerien’eth has a 10% chance to proc on direct damage attacks. Having Force Pulse and Crystal Fragments will guarantee that those two sets activate on cooldown. The five piece sets can be aquired in normal and veteran mode of the dungeons. The Nerien’eth monster set has to be aquired in veteran mode. We are using a full light attack rotation with this build, I made sure you have enough sustain with this build. Also, I do recommend getting hold of the Imperfect Asylum Destruction Staff for this build as it will make the build more efficient, it is not necessarily required tho. The Imperfect Staff is very easy to get as you are only required to do normal Asylum Sanctorium.


Poison Dragonknight Build “Infection”

Sheogorath’s Corner

This Setup for Sheogorath’s Corner features specific poison sets in combination with Dragonknight poison abilities. We are using the Viper’s Sting set that deals posion damage over time and can be found in Fungual Grotto, the Plague Slinger Set which deals poison damage and can be found in Scalecaller Peak and also the monster set Mephala, which deals poison damage over time and drops in Fungual Grotto 2. As a last set we are using an ability altering weapon called Master’s Bow, which drops in Dragonstar Arena veteran, which is only an addition and not necessarily required for the build to function. The five piece sets can be aquired in normal or veteran and the monster set & Master’s Bow has to be aquired in veteran mode.


Nightblade Bleed Build “Blooddrinker”

Sheogorath’s Corner

This Setup for Sheogorath’s Corner features specific bleed related Sets in combination with Nightblade abilities. We are using the Pillar of Nirn Set which deals physical Area of Effect damage and applies a bleed on all targets that get hit. The bleed lasts for 10 seconds and deals an insane amount of damage. The Pillar of Nirn Set can be found in the Falkreath Hold dungeon. The second set that we are using is the Blooddrinker Set which increases all bleed damage we do by 20%, therefore buffing our Pillar of Nirn Set and all our bleed abilities/attacks. The Blooddrinker Set can be found in Bloodroot Forge. In terms of Monster Set we are using the Domihaus Monster Set to increase our overall Weapon damage and give us some more physical damage. You can find the Domihaus Monster Set in Falkreath Hold. I also made a second setup where I do not use a Monster Set but do instead use Master’s Axes to increase our Bloodcraze damage by an insane amount. The Master Weapons can be found in Dragonstar Arena. Both five piece sets can be aquired through normal mode dungeons, the Monster Set and Master Weapons need to be aquired in veteran mode. We are using a Dualwield & Two Hander setup as a primary loadout. However, you can also go with a Dualwield & Bow setup if you would like to.