Selene vs Velidreth for Stamina Setups Elder Scrolls Online ESO

Selene vs Velidreth

Selene vs Velidreth for Stamina Setup

In the video I am showcasing stuff on Stamina DK. You can do this for most stamina setups to see whether Selene actually procs from your skills or not.


Selene has a 15% proc chance on direct melee damage and deals 13,8k damage to the target, cooldown is 4 seconds. It is single target damage and has a very limited range, about 5-6 meters. The one piece bonus gives us extra Stamina. The Monster Helmet drops in Reaper’s march in Selene’s Web. The Shoulder drops in the Undaunted Chests.

  • 15% Proc chance on direct melee damage
  • 13,8k damage Single Target damage
  • 4 Seconds cooldown.
  • 5-6 meters range
  • Does not require any extra DLC

Selene Monster Set


Velidreth has a 20% proc chance on any damage and deals 11,9k damage to the target, cooldown is 9 seconds. It can hit up to 3 different targets with the 3 spores, the range is somewhere around 12-15 meters (or even more). The one piece bonus gives us extra Weapon damage. The Helmet drops in Shadowfen in Cradle of Shadows, you need the “Shadows of the Hist” DLC to be able to enter the dungeon. The Shoulder drops in the Undaunted Chests.

  • 20% Proc chance on any damage
  • 11,9k damage for each Spore (3x Spores, conal area)
  • 9 Seconds cooldown.
  • 12-15m range (maybe even more)
  • Requires Shadows of the Hist DLC

Velidreth Monster Set

3 Million Target Dummy DPS Meters

When we compare the Skelly parse, you can see that both do about the same damage on the Target Dummy. Granted that this is only a very short fight. More importantly, as you can see Selene procs 7 times and Velidreth procs 8 times. Do not look at the overall damage, it might vary depending on how much crits I got and whether i did rotation mistakes or not.

Which one do I prefer and why?

For me, the answer is quite simple. Velidreth is the clear winner here. Even tho Velidreth has a 9 seconds cooldown, it almost procs as much as Selene with a 4 second cooldown. That is because Velidreth procs on ANY damage, whereas Selene only procs on DIRECT MELEE damage. On top of that, Selene might look nice on a Skelly parse, but the 5-6 meters range limits the set a lot. On Velidreth you can leave your target for a second or two to avoid incoming damage and Velidreth will still be able to hit the target. Velidreth has 3 spores which can hit 3 different enemies, Selene only hits 1 Target. And the last thing to consider, Velidreth has Weapon Damage opposed to Selenes Stamina, which will give you more overall damage on your abilities.

The only Stamina Setup it might be useful on would be a Stamina Nightblade if you are using Surprise Attack as a spammable as it is direct melee damage which will proc Selene more often.

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