New Sets Wolfhunter DLC for Elder Scrolls Online ESO

wolfhunter dlc eso

New Sets Wolfhunter DLC

There are 6 new Sets and 2 new Monster Sets obtainable in the Wolfhunter DLC. In each of the two new dungeon you can obtain 1 Light, 1 Medium and 1 Heavy Set along with a Monster Set. The two new dungeons are called Moon Hunter Keep and March of Sacrifices.

Monster Sets


  • 1: Healing Taken
  • 2: When you taunt an enemy, you frighten them with a deafening howl, applying Major Maim to them for 3 seconds, lowering their damage done by 30%. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds.


  • 1: Weapon Damage
  • 1: Spell Damage
  • 2: When you use an Ultimate ability, you gain Weapon and Spell Damage for 10 seconds equal to twice the amount of total Ultimate consumed.

Moon Hunter Keep

Light – Moon Hunter

  • 2: Spell Damage
  • 3: Spell Damage
  • 4: Spell Critical
  • 5: When your alchemical poison fires, increase your Spell Damage by 600 for 6 seconds.

Medium – Savage Werewolf

  • 2: Max Stamina
  • 3: Weapon Damage
  • 4: Stamina Recovery
  • 5: Your Light and Heavy Attacks rend flesh, causing your enemy to bleed for 1000 Physical Damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.

Heavy – Jailer’s Tenacity

  • 2: Healing Taken
  • 3: Max Health
  • 4: Healing Taken
  • 5: When you lose 25% or more of your Health from a single attack, you gain Major Vitality for 6 seconds, increasing your healing received by 30%.

March of Sacrifices

These sets are based off the four Griffin Riders of the Trial and are the normal sets; the Perfected versions have a slightly higher 5 piece set bonus. Note these are likely to be adjusted before this update goes live to make them more interesting to use.

Light DPS – Hanu’s Compassion

  • 2: Magicka Recovery
  • 3: Max Magicka
  • 4: Magicka Recovery
  • 5: Max Magicka
  • 5: When you resurrect another player while in combat, you and the player gain Major Heroism for 15 seconds, granting you 3 Ultimate every 1.5 seconds.

Medium – Blood Moon

  • 2: Weapon Damage
  • 3: Weapon Critical
  • 4: Weapon Critical
  • 5: When you deal Critical Damage with a melee Light Attack, you gain a stack of Blood Scent for 8 seconds. When you gain 5 stacks, you become Frenzied for 5 seconds, increasing your melee Light Attack damage by 50% and attack speed by 50%. This effect can occur every 18 seconds.

Heavy – Haven of Ursus

  • 2: Max Health
  • 3: Healing Taken
  • 4: Max Health
  • 5: When you take damage while you are under 50% Health, summon Ursus’s spirit for 6 seconds. You or an ally can activate a synergy on Ursus to grant you a shield that protects you and the activator from 13954 damage for 6 seconds. This effect can occur once every 12 seconds.

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Haven of Ursus Set Heavy Armor - Wolfhunter DLC ESO: via @YouTube
Blood Moon Set Medium Armor - Wolfhunter DLC ESO: via @YouTube
Moon Hunter Set Light Armor - Wolfhunter DLC ESO: via @YouTube