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ESO Motifs

Here you find a list with all motifs and where to find them. If you don’t want to farm, you can always check guild traders and buy them. It is possible to find the entire book but those are very rare, you can get it the same way as the single chapters.

Style MotifLocationZoneStyle Material
1 High ElfDesks, Dressers, etc.all zonesAdamantite
2 Dark ElfDesks, Dressers, etc.all zonesObsidian
3 Wood ElfDesks, Dressers, etc.all zonesBone
4 NordDesks, Dressers, etc.all zonesCorundum
5 BretonDesks, Dressers, etc.all zonesMolybdenum
6 RedguardDesks, Dressers, etc.all zonesStarmetal
7 KhajiitDesks, Dressers, etc.all zonesMoonstone
8 OrcDesks, Dressers, etc.all zonesManganese
9 ArgonianDesks, Dressers, etc.all zonesFlint
10 ImperialDesks, Dressers, etc.all zonesNickel
11 Ancient ElfDesks, Dressers, etc.Cadwell’s GoldPalladium
12 BarbaricDesks, Dressers, etc.Cadwell’s SilverCopper
13 PrimalDesks, Dressers, etc.Cadwell’s SilverArgentum
14 DaedricDesks, Dressers, etc.Cadwell’s GoldDaedra Heart
15 DwemerJugs, Pots, UrnsDwemer ruinsDwemer Frame
16 GlassCrafting writs reward *all zonesMalachite
17 XivkynTrophy VaultsICCharcoal of Remorse
18 AkaviriWar Researcher MerchantCyrodiilGoldscale
19 MercenaryUndaunted pledges (daily)Alliance CapitalLaurel
20 YokudanCraglorn quests (daily)CraglornFerrous Salts
21 Ancient OrcOld Orsinium & RkindaleftWrothgarCassiterite
22 TrinimacDelve quests (daily)WrothgarAuric Tusk
23 MalacathWorld bosses quests (daily)WrothgarPotash
24 OutlawWorld and dungeon bossesHew’s BaneRogue’s Soot
25 DominionChestsIC and CyrodiilEagle Feather
26 CovenantChestsIC and CyrodiilLion Fang
27 PactChestsIC and CyrodiilDragon Scute
28 Ra GadaDelves&world Bosses, chestsCraglornAncient Sandstone
29 Soul-ShrivenComplete Cadwell’s SilverHarbourageAzure Plasm
30 Morag Tong(not obtainable yet)
31 SkinchangerNew Life FestivalEastmarchWolfsbane Icense
32 Abah’s WatchThieves guild board questHew’s BanePolished Shilling
33 Thieves GuildHeist quest (daily)Hew’s BaneFine Chalk
34 Assassins LeagueDelve and world bossesGold CoastTainted Blood
35 Dro m’athraMaw of Lorkhaj quest (weekly)Reaper’s MarchDefiled Whiskers
36 Dark BrotherhoodSacrament quest (daily)Gold CoastBlack Beeswax
37 EbonyMastercraft MediatorAlliance CapitalNight Pumice
38 DraugrFighters, Mages, Undaunted questAlliance CapitalPristine Shroud
39 MinotaurLooming Shadows, Tribune’s FollyGold CoastOxblood Fungus
40 Order of the HourRoar of the Crowds, Kvatch ArenaGold CoastPearl Sand
41 CelestialCraglorn trial quests (weekly)CraglornStar Sapphire
42 HollowjackWitches Festival, plunder skullsAmber Marble
43 HarlequinCrown StoreGrinstones
44 Silken RingCradle of Shadows, last bossShadowfenDistilled Slowsilver
45 MazzatunRuins of Mazzatun, last bossShadowfenLeviathan Scrimshaw
46 FrostcasterCrown StoreStahlrim Shard

* to get a glass motif, you need 10 items of glass style motif fragment and 1 item of merethic restorative resin (mystic vendor) to construct.

ESO Fashion has pictures of most styles.

Style MaterialLocationZone
AdamantiteContainers, crafting merchantsall zones
ObsidianContainers, crafting merchantsall zones
BoneContainers, crafting merchantsall zones
CorundumContainers, crafting merchantsall zones
MolybdenumContainers, crafting merchantsall zones
StarmetalContainers, crafting merchantsall zones
MoonstoneContainers, crafting merchantsall zones
ManganeseContainers, crafting merchantsall zones
FlintContainers, crafting merchantsall zones
NickelContainers, crafting merchantsall zones
PalladiumContainers, chestsall zones
CopperContainers, chestsall zones
ArgentumContainers, chestsall zones
Daedra HeartContainers, chests, humanoid daedraall zones
Dwemer Frame
Charcoal of RemorseRandom group dungeons (group finder) , IC Tel Varall zones, IC
LaurelGroup dungeons final bossall zones
Ferrous SaltsCraglorn quests (daily)Craglorn
CassiteriteRandom group dungeons (group finder)all zones
Auric TuskDelve bosses, random group dungeons (group finder)Wrothgar
PotashGroup bosses, random group dungeons (group finder)Wrothgar
Rogue’s SootHarvesting nodesHew’s Bane
Eagle FeatherWar Researcher MerchantCyrodiil
Lion FangWar Researcher MerchantCyrodiil
Dragon ScuteWar Researcher MerchantCyrodiil
Ancient SandstoneGroup Bosses, delve bosses, treasure chests, and group eventsCraglorn
Azure PlasmDark anchors and dark fissuresall zones
Wolfsbane IcenseNew life gift boxEastmarch
Polished ShillingPickpocketing guardsall zones
Fine ChalkThieves Trovesall zones
Tainted BloodKilling NPCs with Blade of Woeall zones
Defiled WhiskersMaw of Lorkhaj bosses and weekly questReaper’s March
Black BeeswaxDark Brotherhood contract questGold Coast
Night PumiceMastercraft MediatorDeshaan, Stormhaven, Grathwood
Pristine ShroudFighters, Mages and Undaunted quests (daily)Deshaan, Stormhaven, Grathwood
Oxblood FungusLooming Shadows quest, Kvatch, Tribune’s Folly (daily), killing LimenauruusGold Coast
Pearl SandRoar of the Crowds quest, Kvatch Arena (daily), killing Knight Commander PanthiusGold Coast
Star SapphireCraglorn trial quests (weekly)Craglorn
Amber MarbleWitches Festival  (halloween), plunder skullsDungeon bosses
GrinstonesCrown Store (Crown Mimic Stone)
Distilled SlowsilverCradle of Shadows, last bossShadowfen
Leviathan ScrimshawRuins of Mazzatun, last bossShadowfen
Stahlrim ShardCrown Store (Crown Mimic Stone)

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