Magicka Templar Support PvP Build for Dragon Bones, Elder Scrolls Online ESO

Magicka Templar Healer PvP Build “Ritualist” – Dragon Bones DLC

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Welcome to the Magicka Templar Healer PvP Build “Ritualist” for Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO.

This build is a full heal-tank setup which is here to support and heal your group members and tank enemy foes. It is basically impossible to die, even when fighting against several enemies as you will never run out of resources. Wizards Riposte applies Minor Maim to enemies, reducing their damage by 15%, then you can also use Empowering Sweep to get more damage mitigation and because you can basically permablock, you will almost receive zero damage. The Build is optimized for the Championpoints Campaign. However, you can also play it on the No-CP Campaign.

  • Heal-Tank setup
  • Heavy Armor, Double S&B
  • Seducer & Wizards Riposte
  • Hard to kill
  • Good sustain

Changes from the previous version

Updated and added new CP. Updated Passive section. No changes to the build, but keep in mind that Block Cost got increased a bit with Dragon Bones DLC. If you feel you are running out of Stamina too fast make sure to add a 3rd Block Cost Glyph, it should be fine tho.

Resource Management

This build is heavily focused on sustain, because as long as you have Stamina to block and Magicka to heal, it will be almost impossible to kill you. Make sure to keep Channeled Focus on the ground, as this gives you a lot of magicka back and adds both spell and armor resistance. Potions will also help a lot to sustain (especially if you are an Argonian). Seducer with the extra Cost Reduction is also good as it makes our expensive skills cheaper. Using Witchmothers Brew also puts as at an insanely high Magicka Recovery number which is very important.

  • Channeled Focus
  • Potions
  • Seducer
  • Witchmothers Potent Brew

PvP Setup


Gear Setup

  • Why Sturdy over Impenetrable? This will allow you to basically Permablock, so you get way less damage compared to when you run out of stamina and then can not block.
  • 5 Heavy, 1 Light, 1 Medium Setup: If you want a 511 Setup, you need to make sure to use Wizards Riposte Sword & Shield on both bars so you can run Seducer on Body and a Medium and Light Bloodspawn Piece.
Gear Set Weight Trait Enchantment
Chest Seducer Heavy Sturdy Tri-Stat Enchantment
Belt Seducer Heavy Sturdy Tri-Stat Enchantment
Shoes Seducer Heavy Sturdy Tri-Stat Enchantment
Pants Seducer Heavy Sturdy Tri-Stat Enchantment
Hands Seducer Heavy Sturdy Tri-Stat Enchantment
Head Bloodspawn Light Sturdy Tri-Stat Enchantment
Shoulder Bloodspawn Medium Sturdy Tri-Stat Enchantment
Necklace Wizard’s Riposte Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery
Ring Wizard’s Riposte Jewelry Arcane Block Cost Reduction
Ring Wizard’s Riposte Jewelry Arcane Block Cost Reduction
Weapon 1 S&B Wizard’s Riposte 1H-Weap Decisive Magicka Drain
Weapon 1 S&B Wizard’s Riposte Shield Sturdy Tri-Stat Enchantment
Weapon 2 S&B Wizard’s Riposte 1H-Weap Decisive Spell dmg
Weapon 2 S&B Wizard’s Riposte Shield Sturdy Tri-Stat Enchantment

Where can I get the gear?

Wizard’s Riposte: Battlegrounds/ Guildstore
Seducer: Craftable
Blood Spawn: Spindleclutch 2


  • Spell Wall Ultimate? You can also use Spell Wall Ultimate instead of Empowering Sweep.
  • Mist Form: Mist Form removes Roots on you, which is very helpful in pvp as you get constantly rooted by enemies.
  • Wizard Riposte and Empowering Sweep: Wizards Riposte adds a 15% dmg reduction to your enemies and Empowering Sweep also gives you 15+ (depending on how many enemies you hit) so you get an insane amount of damage mitigation, plus the Ultimate is very cheap and you will get it up easily with Bloodspawn Ultigeneration.
Sword & Shield Mainbar Sword & Shield bar
Slot 1: Elusive Mist Slot 1: Structured Entropy
Slot 2: Breath of Life Slot 2: Channeled Focus
Slot 3 Extended Ritual Slot 3: Reflective Light
Slot 4: Repentance Slot 4: Radiant Oppression
Slot 5: Radiant Magelight Slot 5: Blazing Spear
Ultimate: Empowering Sweep/ Spell Wall Ultimate: Remembrance


Championpoints [720 CP]

The Ritual
23 Thaumaturge
The Attronarch
The Apprentice
100 Blessed, 40 Elfborn, 40 Spell Erosion, 37 Elemental Expert
The Shadow
56 Tumbling, 58 Shadow Ward
The Lover
64 Arcanist
The Tower
56 Warlord
The Lord
The Lady
49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 9 Thick Skinned
The Steed
76 Resistant, 57 Ironclad

Championpoints [300 CP]

The Ritual
The Attronarch
The Apprentice
100 Blessed
The Shadow
40 Shadow Ward
The Lover
49 Arcanist
The Tower
11 Warlord
The Lord
The Lady
23 Hardy, 23 Elemental Defender
The Steed
31 Ironclad, 23 Resistant

Important Info for Magicka Templar Healer PvP Build


Witchmothers Brew (Max Health, Max Magicka, Magicka Recovery)

Mundus Stone

The Atronarch (Magicka Recovery)


Argonian (Recommended)
High Elf
Dark Elf


Tri-Stat Potion
(Health, Stamina, Magicka)
(Bugloss, Columbine, Dragonthorn)

Immovable Potion
(Magicka, CC Immunity, Detection Radius Increase)
(Cornflower, Columbine, Wormwood)

Immovable Potion
(Magicka, Health, CC Immunity)
(Bugloss, Columbine, Namiras Rot)

In case you are still unsure on how to mix the ingredients together, you can check out a alchemy simulator here: Alchemy Simulator


  • Aedric Spear: All
  • Dawns Wrath: All
  • Restoring Light: All
  • One Hand and Shield: All
  • Heavy Armor: All
  • Light Armor: Recovery, Evocation, Spell Warding
  • Vampire: All
  • Fighters Guild: All
  • Mages Guild: All
  • Undaunted: All
  • Racial: All
  • Assault: All
  • Support: All
  • Alchemy: Medicinal Use

Update Log

09.02.2018 Updated Build for Dragon Bones DLC Magicka Templar Healer PvP Build
14.03.2018 added 300 CP setup for Magicka Templar Healer PvP Build

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