Last Updated in: Wrathstone DLC, Elsweyr Chapter
Reason: Created a new build for PvP: Blazeplar

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Welcome to the Magicka Templar Damage PvP Build “Purification” for Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO.

This build is using the Zaan set which came with the Dragon Bones DLC. Along that we are also using Elf Bane to buff Zaan and several other things. I will give you some alternate options as well. Elf Bane increases the effect of Zaan by an additional 2 seconds. So you will get 7 seconds instead of 5 seconds, which will also benefit from the extra 50% damage on each tick, which results in crazy damage. Elf Bane also increases the duration of Reflective Light which helps keeping pressure on the enemy We want to build up constant Damage over Time and then finish the enemies off, once Zaan puts even more pressure on the enemy. We are using a Destructive Staff on our damage bar to get overall more damage and also an option for ranged CC and heavy attacks. You can play this build both on the No-CP Campaign and CP Campaign, with some small adjustments.

  • Optimized for Battlegrounds
  • CP & no CP campaign
  • Zaan Monster Set
  • Heavy Armor
  • Destro Staff + S&B
  • Insane Burst
  • Good pressure on enemy
  • Hard to kill
  • Good sustain

Changes from the previous version

Changed traits and enchantments on the weapons due to 1h enchantment changes. Other than that no changes to the build.

Resource Management

This build is heavily focused on sustain, because as long as you have Stamina to block and Magicka to deal damage and heal, it will be almost impossible to kill us. Make sure to keep Channeled Focus on the ground, as this gives you a lot of magicka back and adds both spell and armor resistance, this is the most important skill that you really need to make sure to keep active. Potions will also help a lot to sustain (especially if you are an Argonian). Using Witchmothers Brew (Or the gold Clockwork Citrus Filet) also puts us at an insanely high Magicka Recovery number which is very important.

You can adjust different settings in terms of sustain. If you are an Argonian, you might not need that much recovery, so you can add more Spell Damage. Best is to give it a shot and then experiment around to find your sweet spot.

  • Channeled Focus
  • Potions (Tri-Stat)
  • Argonian (If possible)
  • Witchmothers Potent Brew (Or the gold drink)

PvP Setup


I will give you two options in terms of Gear Setup. One is easier to sustain and the other one offers more damage. The first setup is what I currently use, because its so much fun to combine Zaan and Elfbane together and see people getting melted. Also, having Wizard’s Riposte on the Elf Bane setup will reduce incoming damage by a lot so you can focus more on going offensive. The second setup is a more save and sustainable setup, allows for more mistakes. With Bloodthorn & Seducer you will never run into sustain issues both for blocking and dealing damage. If you are in a group make sure that not too many people run Wizard Riposte.

  • Setup 1 Damage: 5x Elf Bane, 5x Wizard Riposte, 2x Zaan
  • Setup 2 Sustain: 5x Seducer, 5x Bloodthorn, 2x Zaan
  • 5 Heavy, 1 Light, 1 Medium Setup: If possible, always make sure to run a 511 setup, as it gives us more max resources (Undaunted Mettle passive)
  • Wizard Riposte: Wizards Riposte adds a 15% dmg reduction to your enemies, so make sure that you go to your backbar quite often to apply this debuff, the debuff holds stays on the enemy for 5 seconds.
  • NO CP Campaign/ Battlegrounds: I prefer running 3x Magicka Recovery on the first setup there because you really need the sustain, especially if you are running Elfbane, because sustain is kind of tough there. On the CP Campaign you can swap out one Recovery for Spelldamage or Blockcost reduction, play around with it a bit to find your sweetspot.

Gear Setup 1

ChestElf BaneHeavyReinforcedTri-Stat
BeltElf BaneHeavyImpenetrableMagicka
ShoesElf BaneHeavyImpenetrableMagicka
PantsElf BaneHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
HandsElf BaneHeavyImpenetrableMagicka
NecklaceWizard's RiposteJewelryArcaneMagicka Recovery/ Reduced Spellcost
RingWizard's RiposteJewelryArcaneMagicka Recovery
RingWizard's RiposteJewelryArcaneMagicka Recovery
Weapon 1Destructive ImpactFire StaffNirnhonedWeapon Damage Enchant
Weapon 2 S&BWizard's Riposte1H WeapDecisiveEscapist Poison
Weapon 2 S&BWizard's RiposteShieldInfusedMagicka

Gear Setup 2

ChestArmor of the SeducerHeavyReinforcedTri-Stat
BeltArmor of the SeducerHeavyImpenetrableMagicka
ShoesArmor of the SeducerHeavyImpenetrableMagicka
PantsArmor of the SeducerHeavyImpenetrableTri-Stat
HandsArmor of the SeducerHeavyImpenetrableMagicka
NecklaceBloodthorn's TouchJewelryArcaneSpell Damage
RingBloodthorn's TouchJewelryArcaneMagicka Recovery
RingBloodthorn's TouchJewelryArcaneMagicka Recovery
Weapon 1Destructive ImpactFire StaffNirnhonedWeapon Damage Enchant
Weapon 2 S&BBloodthorn's Touch1H SwordDecisiveEscapist Poison
Weapon 2 S&BBloodthorn's TouchShieldInfusedMagicka

Where can I get the gear?

Wizard's Riposte: Battlegrounds/ Guildstore
Bloodthorn's Torch: Glenumbra, Guildstore
Armor of the Seducer: Craftable
Elf Bane: Cyrodiil, Guildstore
Zaan: Scalecaller Peak
Master's Inferno Staff: Dragonstar Arena


  • Blazing Spear: You can use Blazing Spear as a stationary defense ability instead of Puryfing Light, if enemies stay in it they will get a lot of incoming damage, thus making it hard to reach you unless they want to tank the damage.
Radiant Glory Structured Entropy Puncturing Sweep Destructive Reach Living Dark Soul Assault
Extended Ritual Reflective Light Honor The Dead Purifying Light Channeled Focus
Fire Staff MainbarSword & Shield bar
Slot 1: Radiant GlorySlot 1: Extended Ritual
Slot 2: Structured EntropySlot 2: Reflective Light
Slot 3 Puncturing SweepsSlot 3: Honor the Dead
Slot 4: Destructive ReachSlot 4: Puryfing light/ Blazing Spear
Slot 5: Total Dark
Slot 5: Channeled Focus
Ultimate: Soul AssaultUltimate: Devouring Swarm

Skill Info

  • Radiant Glory: Our main execute ability aka Jesus Beam. Finishes off most enemies, can also be used from far away as it has a huge range.
  • Structured Entropy: This gives us more max Health and also gives us Major Sorcerery, increasing our Spelldamage by 20%.
  • Puncturing Sweeps: One of our strong AoE attacks that heal us while we deal damage.
  • Destructive Reach: This is our main CC ability, it is great for hitting targets at a long range and knocking them down. I also combine this often with a heavy attack.
  • Total Dark: This is one of the strongest skills, once you apply this to a target, you will get insane heals for every direct damage hit, also light attacks from enemies. Keep in mind enemy can break this free.
  • Soul Assault: I use this mostly for Nightblades, with this ultimates Nightblades can not cloak anymore and often then instantly die because they are so confused why their one button saveskill is not working.
  • Extended Ritual: Very strong ability, can cleanse up to 5 negative effects away.
  • Reflective Light: This is one of our strong DoTs (Damage over Time) that we want to keep on the enemy all the time, it hits really hard and it also snares the enemy.
  • Honor the Dead: This heals for a lot and if we heal someone beloww 75% health we will get 60% of the cost back! Just keep in mind spamming this will consume a lot of your magicka, so be careful.
  • Puryfing light: undodgeable and unblockable high damage ability.
  • Channeled Focus: Needs to be on the ground all the times because it gives you spell and physical resistance buff and also increases your magicka sustain by a lot.
  • Empowering Sweep: Very cheap ultimate and also offers huge damage mitigation. However, only use this if you are in trouble. Otherwise always use the Vampire Ultimate.


Championpoints [810 CP]

The Ritual
61 Thaumaturge
The Atronarch
37 Master-at-Arms
The Apprentice
43 Blessed, 31 Elfborn, 49 Spell Erosion, 49 Elemental Expert
The Shadow
61 Tumbling, 71 Shadow Ward
The Lover
56 Arcanist
The Tower
67 Warlord, 14 Sprinter, 1 Siphoner
The Lord
37 Quick Recovery
The Lady
49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 20 Thick Skinned
The Steed
63 Resistant, 52 Ironclad

Championpoints [600 CP]

The Ritual
28 Thaumaturge
The Atronach
The Apprentice
43 Blessed, 31 Elfborn, 49 Spell Erosion, 49 Elemental Expert
The Shadow
49 Tumbling, 49 Shadow Ward
The Lover
56 Arcanist
The Tower
45 Warlord, 1 Siphoner
The Lord
The Lady
49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 20 Thick Skinned
The Steed
30 Resistant, 52 Ironclad

Championpoints [300 CP]

The Ritual
20 Thaumaturge
The Atronach
The Apprentice
27 Elemental Expert, 20 Elfborn, 20 Blessed, 13 Spell Erosion
The Shadow
20 Shadow Ward, 20 Tumbling
The Lover
49 Arcanist
The Tower
11 Warlord
The Lord
The Lady
23 Hardy, 23 Elemental Defender
The Steed
31 Ironclad, 23 Resistant

Important Info for Magicka Templar Damage PvP Build

I will be explaining a few important things in this section of the Magicka Templar Damage PvP Build.


I do recommend using the Tri Stat Buff Food, only use Witchmothers Brew if you really struggle with sustain. You will only struggle with sustain if you do not keep up your Channeled Focus.

Longfin pasty with Melon Sauce (Max Health+Max Stamina+Max Magicka)
Witchmothers Brew (Max Health, Max Magicka, Magicka Recovery)

Longfin pasty with melon sauce

Magicka sorcerer beginner guide

Mundus Stone

The Atronarch (Magicka Recovery)


Argonian is hands down the best race with this setup due to the Potion passive that they offer. They also get increased healing and more health which is nice for Magicka Templars.

High Elf
Dark Elf


I do recommend using Tri Stat Potions as we really need all Stamina and Magicka we can get, to help with sustain and also blocking. However, you can also experiment around with Immovable Potions if you want to.

Tri-Stat Potion
(Health, Stamina, Magicka)
(Bugloss, Columbine, Dragonthorn)

Immovable Potion
(Magicka, CC Immunity, Detection Radius Increase)
(Cornflower, Columbine, Wormwood)

Immovable Potion
(Magicka, Health, CC Immunity)
(Bugloss, Columbine, Namiras Rot)


I do recommend running Escapist Poison on the frontbar, We use those to root the enemy, so it will be harder for him to get away from the Zaan proc.

Escapist Poison
(Immobilize, Speed reduction, Drain Stamina)
(Blessed Thistle, Columbine, Namiras Rot)

Escapist Poison



All into Magicka


The trick with this setup is to apply a lot of pressure to the enemy with your DoTs and Puryfing Light. Make sure to ALWAYS keep Channeled Focus up because it is your best resource management ability.

Then when you are attacking an enemy I recommend starting on the backbar and apply Reflective Light and Puryfing Light. Reflective Light deals damage over time and snares the enemy, Puryfing light will be storing up damage and explode after 6seconds. Having reflective Light on the enemy, Zaan proc and then using Puncturing Sweep till the Purifying Light goes off will already drop most targets to low health and then you can CC them with Destructive Reach and use Radiant Glory (Jesus Beam) to finish them off. I recommend checking out my Youtube Video to showcase this combo.
It is very important that you time this correctly, your burt comes from the exploding Puryfing Light and then constant Damage over Time effects. If needed you can use the Vampire Ultimate to put even more pressure on the enemy and also heal you at the same time. Puncturing Sweeps also heals you for a bit, it is a nice heal over time.

Build Video

The Build Video is from the Summerset Chapter. A new build video will come with the Elsweyr Chapter release.

Update Log

23.02.2019 Updated Build for Wrathstone DLC, Elsweyr Chapter. Magicka Templar Damage PvP Build