Magicka Sorcerer Build for PvP Elder Scrolls Online ESO

Magicka Sorcerer Build

Magicka Sorcerer Build “Wrath”


Welcome to the Magicka Sorcerer Build “Wrath” for Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO.

The “Wrath” build is made for PvP, more specific the Non-Championpoints campaign.

General Information

The build is focusing on insane sustain while we are quite tanky and due to good combos we still have very good damage output. Most Sorcerers are squishy and easy killable, this will not happen with this build, because we are using heavy armor and we have shields! This build performs best in a small or big group, as we rely a lot on our healer in our group. If you want to play this solo you have to make some adjustments to your bars.

  • Made for the No Championpoints Campaign!
  • Small Group & Big Group Build
  • Heavy armor
  • Insane sustain
  • Difficult to kill due to Magicka Shield + Heavy Armor
  • Easy learnable combos

 Gear [Best in Slot]

Gear Set Weight Trait Enchantment
Chest Seducer Heavy Reinforced Magicka
Belt Shroud of the Lich Light Impenetrable Magicka
Shoes Seducer Heavy Impenetrable Magicka
Pants Seducer Heavy Impenetrable Magicka
Hands Seducer Heavy Impenetrable Magicka
Head Pirate Skeleton Medium Impenetrable Magicka
Shoulder Pirate Skeleton Heavy Impenetrable Magicka
Necklace Shroud of the Lich Jewelry Arcane Spell Dmg
Ring Shroud of the Lich Jewelry Arcane Spell Dmg
Ring Shroud of the Lich Jewelry Arcane Spell Dmg
Weapon 1 Seducer Shock Sharpened Drain Magicka Poison
Weapon 2 Shroud of the Lich Shoch/Fire Sharpened/Defending Drain Magicka Poison

Where can I get the gear?

Seducer: Craftable
Shroud of the Lich: Crypts of Hearts
Pirate Skeleton: Blackheart Haven

Important note: When you are using Pirate Skeleton, you must wear a costume. The reason behind this is, when you do not wear a costume and you transform into a skeleton your Skills will get “locked” for one second and you can not perform any action. When you are wearing a costume, this does not happen!


Two Mainbars

Magicka Sorcerer Build pvp

Overload Bar

Only use the overload bar when you are in a save spot or in the backline of the fight. It can be very dangerous to activate it if you are being attacked.

Magicka Sorcerer Build



Shock Staff Mainbar Fire Staff bar
Slot 1: Hardened Ward Slot 1: Power Surge
Slot 2: Crystal Fragments Slot 2: Haunting Curse
Slot 3 Crushing Shock Slot 3: Elemental Drain
Slot 4: Mage’s Wrath Slot 4: Daedric Minefield
Slot 5: Radiant Magelight Slot 5: Streak
Ultimate: Shooting Star Ultimate: Overload

Important Info for Magicka Sorcerer Build “Wrath”

Here you can find information about what race, buff-food, potions & poisons you want to use. I also do list all the passives that you need for this setup.

Jugged Rabbit in Preservers (Max Health + Max Magicka+ Max Stamina)

Mundus Stone
The Attronarch (Magicka Recovery)

Altmer (Recommended)
Breton (Recommended)
Any Race

(CC immunity, Restore Health, Restore Magicka)
(Bugloss, Columbine, Namiras Rot)

Drain Magicka Poison
(60% Magicka & Stamina skillcost increase on enemy)
(Columbine, Blessed Thistle, Ladys Smock)

You will need the following passives:
Dark Magic, Daedric Summoning, Storm Calling, Light Armor, Heavy Armor (Juggernaunt Passive), Destruction Staff, Vampire (optional), Mages Guild, Racial, Undaunted, Alchemy: Medicinal Use

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