Last updated: Wolfhunter DLC, Summerset Chapter
Reason: The build was not popular enough to keep pursuing.

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Welcome to the Magicka Dragonknight Build PvP “Scorch” for Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO. The “Scorch” Build is optimized for Cyrodiil & Battlegrounds and can both be played in Champion Points and no Champion Points Campaigns..

With this build we are using a very offensive Heavy Armor Sword & Board and Destuction Staff setup. We focus on a lot of AoE damage, defense and maintain mobility at the same time. It is very important that you keep moving and kite enemies behind walls and so on to avoid a lot of unnecessary damaage, otherwise you will take too much damage. The key with this build is that you learn to block in the right moments. Try to block high incoming damage, keep your buffs and debuffs up to survive and you will be good to go. I will show you bot a Duell/Battlegrounds and a Cyrodiil Setup.

  • Sword & Board and Destro Staff setup
  • Seperate Duell/Battlegrounds and Cyrodiil setup
  • Offensive Heavy Armor setup
  • High Burst Damage
  • High damage mitigation
  • Good Healing
  • Good sustain
  • Made for Cyrodiil & Battlegrounds

Changes from the previous version

Updated Champion Points and improved the Passive section of the build.

Resource Management

Our Magicka Recovery is very low, but we do gain resources through other ways, that is why we can almost completely ignore our magicka recovery.

With the improved Combustion passive, we get a lot of extra sustain when the burning status effect procs and on a Magicka DK this procs almost all the time. On top of that we have passives like Battle Roar that restore resources when we activate an ultimate. Another key element of this build is the tripple infused trait with two potion cooldown Glyphs and one reduced Spell Cost Glyph, yes it will get expensive because you need to use potions almost on cooldown every 29 seconds, this will help a lot with your sustain for damage, blocking and so on. Elemental Drain applies Minor Magickasteal  on the enemy which boosts our sustain a lot and it applies a spell and armor debuff on the enemy, increasing our overall damage by a lot.

Using Bloodthorn’s Touch set gives us both increased Magicka and Stamina return at the same time, which is very important. That way we can even recover resources while blocking for a long time.

Also keep in mind, depending on whether you play on No Championpoints or Championpoints Campaign, you have to adjust a few things. Resource management is way more difficult on No CP campaigns, do not forget that, that is why I recommend running Clockwork Citrus Filet in no CP if you can manage your stamina well.

  • Combustion passive
  • Battle Roar passive
  • Potion Cooldown Reduction
  • Elemental Drain (Minor Magickasteal)
  • Heavy Attacks
  • Clockwork Citrus Filet (Or Witchmothers Brew)(Optional)
  • Argonian race passives (optional)

Cyrodiil & Battlegrounds Setup

Magicka Dragonknight PvP Build
Volatile Armor, Tri Stat Pots, Spell Damage Weapon Enchantment were active when I took the Screenshot.


Impregnable Armor set is here to give us a lot of damage mitigation, which will help fighting several enemies at once, Bloodthorn’s Touch will help us tremendously with sustain and Zaan or Valkyn help with more consistant damage output.

Gear Setup

  • Zaan: I do recommend using Zaan for Duells and Battlegrounds. This way we can focus down certain enemies very fast.
  • Valkyn, Grothdarr: I do recommend using either Valkyn or Grothdarr for Cyrodiil, we are more AoE damage focused here.
  • Bloodthorn’s Touch: Our main set to help with sustain, you could swap this out if you want, but I do recommend keep using it. This only needs to be used on the backbar because it can only proc every 5 seconds.
  • Willpower: We use this on the front bar to give us some extra Magicka which increases our overall damage output.
  • Frost Staff Backbar: Frost Staff with Ancient Knowledge passive helps a lot with general resource management, if you drop low on Stamina you can use the Frost staff to drain magicka resources from block instead of stamina.
ChestImpregnable ArmorHeavyReinforcedMagicka
BeltImpregnable ArmorHeavySturdyTri Stat Enchantment
ShoesImpregnable ArmorHeavySturdyTri Stat Enchantment
PantsImpregnable ArmorHeavySturdyMagicka
HandsImpregnable ArmorHeavySturdyTri Stat Enchantment
Head Zaan/Valkyn SkoriaMediumSturdyTri Stat Enchantment
Shoulder Zaan/Valkyn SkoriaLightSturdyTri Stat Enchantment
NecklaceBloodthorn's TouchJewelryInfusedReduced Spellcost
RingBloodthorn's TouchJewelryInfusedPotion Cooldown
RingBloodthorn's TouchJewelryInfusedPotion Cooldown
Weapon 1 S&BWillpower1H-WeapNirnhonedSpell Damage Enchant
Weapon 1 S&BWillpowerShieldInfusedMax Magicka
Weapon 2Bloodthorn's TouchFrost StaffInfusedAbsorb Magic

Where can I get the gear?

Zaan: Scalecaller Peak
Impregnable Armor: Battlegrounds, Guildstore
Bloodthorn's Touch: Glenumbra, Guildstore
Valkyn Skoria: City of Ash 2
Willpower: Guildstore
Grothdarr: Vaults of Madness
Thurvokun: Fang Lair


  • Burning Embers: DoT that has to be kept on the enemy all the time, when reapplied or when it runs out, huge burst heal.
  • Fossilize: Unblockable CC and roots enemy afterwards.
  • Lava Whip: Your main spammable ability, free cost if it procs on enemy that is immobilized.
  • Coagulating Blood: Strong burst heal, especially on low health.
  • Structured Entropy: Gives you access to Major Sorcery, increasing Spell Damage by 20% and also gives you a 8% HP boost.
  • Fericious Roar: Very strong burst damage Ultimate that applies a huge shield on you.
  • Volatil Armor: Applies Major Resolve and Major Ward and also gives you 12% more healing received. When activated, small AoE dmg output, can put NBs out of cloak.
  • Fragmented Shield: I chose this morph because it gives us access to a long Major Vitality buff, increasing our healing for longer.
  • Elemental Drain: Apply this on the enemy to increase sustain and damage.
  • Cauterize: Very strong heal, has to be kept up all the time, even stronger if several MagDKs use this in a group as heals keep bouncing around.
  • Engulfing Flames: Applies a small DoT and 10% increased Fire Damage on the enemy.
  • Temporal Guard: Applies Minor Protection, 8% damage mitigation. Teleports you back to the location 4s ago.

Other skills:

  • Draw Essence: Aoe damage and also returns Magicka and deals damage after 2,5s.
  • Reflective Plate: Reflects projectiles and removes snares.
  • Burning Talons: Roots up to 6 targets, deals damage and allies can use a powerful synergy for extra damage.
  • Choking Talons: Applies Minor Maim on enemies, reducing their damage y 15%.
  • Shattering Rocks: Can be used to CC enemy and when enemy breaks free, applies damage to all enemies in close range.

Duels & Battleground Setup

S&B MainbarDestro Staff bar
Slot 1: Burning EmbersSlot 1: Volatile Armor
Slot 2: FossilizeSlot 2: Fragmented SHield
Slot 3: Lava WhipSlot 3: Elemental Drain
Slot 4: Coagulating BloodSlot 4: Cauterize
Slot 5: Structured EntropySlot 5: Engulfing Flames
Ultimate: Ferocious LeapUltimate: Temporal Guard

Cyrodiil Group Setup

  • This is a very group orientated Area of Effect (AoE) damage setup, I do recommend only using this setup if you play with a group (that has a dedicated supporter aka healbot) and you fight several enemies at once.
  • If you play solo in Cyrodiil I recommend using the Duell/Battleground Setup.
S&B MainbarDestro Staff bar
Slot 1: Burning EmbersSlot 1: Volatile Armor
Slot 2: Shattering RocksSlot 2: Fragmented Shield
Slot 3: Lava WhipSlot 3: Reflective Plate
Slot 4: Draw EssenceSlot 4: Cauterize
Slot 5: Structured EntropySlot 5: Burning Talons
Ultimate: Ferocious RoarUltimate: Temporal Guard

Championpoints for Magicka Dragonknight Build PvP “Scorch”

Championpoints [780 CP]

The Ritual
34 Thaumaturge
The Attronarch
51 Master-at-Arms, 30 Shattering Blows
The Apprentice
37 Elemental Expert, 44 Elfborn, 37 Spell Erosion, 37 Blessed
The Shadow
68 Tumbling, 65 Shadow Ward
The Lover
32 Arcanist
The Tower
57 Warlord, 6 Sprinter, 31 Bashing Focus, 1 Siphoner
The Lord
37 Quick Recovery
The Lady
37 Hardy, 32 Elemental Defender, 40 Thick Skinned
The Steed
56 Ironclad, 58 Resistant

Championpoints [300 CP]

The Ritual
The Attronarch
18 Master at Arms
The Apprentice
27 Elemental Expert, 20 Elfborn, 16 Spell Erosion, 19 Blessed
The Shadow
The Lover
64 Arcanist, 32 Tenacity
The Tower
4 Warlord
The Lord
The Lady
23 Hardy, 23 Elemental Defender, 23 Resistant
The Steed
31 Ironclad

Important Info for Magicka Dragonknight Burst Build PvP “Scorch”


Longfin pasty with Melon Sauce (Max Health+Max Stamina+Max Magicka) for the CP Campaign.
Clockwork Citrus Filet (or Witchmother’s Drink) for the No CP Campaign.

Mundus Stone

The Mage (Increased Max Magicka)


You can also check out my ESO Race Guide if you want to know the passives of each of the recommended races.

Argonian (best sustain)
Darkelf (highest damage)


We use special potions, which are an important part of the build. As we do already have the Major Sorcery Buff from Molten Armaments we have really good options in terms of potions. You can use either of those three. I recommend using the Immovability potion which gives the CC Immunity, Spell-critical and restores Magicka.

Magicka Dragonknight PvP Build

Essence of Immovability
(Immovability, Spell-Crit, Magicka)
(Columbine, Ladys Smock, Namira’s Rot)

Essence of Health
(Health, Magicka, Stamina)
(Columbine, Bugloss, Dragonthorn)


Update Log

02.08.2018 Updated Build for Wolfhunter DLC, Summerset Chapter. Magicka Dragonknight Build PvP Heavy Armor
23.08.2018 Fixed a typo in the BG Skillsection, showed draw essence instead of coag blood, Magicka Dragonknight Build PvP Heavy Armor
20.09.2018 Fixed a typo with leftover text.