Introduction to PvP Builds for Elder Scrolls Online, ESO

Introduction to PvP Builds

Welcome, this here will be a very short introduction to the PvP Builds on the website.

Battlegrounds & Cyrodiil

Most of the PvP Builds on my website are optimized for Battlegrounds. In Battlegrounds all Champion Points are deactivated, therefore sustain, damage, mitigation and healing in general are widely different compared to a Champion Points Campaign like in Cyrodiil. Nontheless, all my builds that work in Battlegrounds also work in Non Champion Points and Champion Points Cyrodiil Campaigns.

The only exceptions for builds that are optimized for Cyrodiil are:

Adjust Builds to your needs

The builds should be the base for your own build. Everyone has a different playstyle. If you feel that you lack sustain, it might be a good idea to invest more into cost reduction or recovery to get to the sustain you like. If you do not like certain Monster Sets, swap them out and so on. In the end you need to feel comfortable with the setups.

The End.