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Welcome to the Cyrodiil Group Play Guide for Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the guide for each new Update of ESO. The guide is optimized for Organized Group Play of 12-16 in Cyrodiil.

The main goal is to provide guidance for players looking to challenge themselves, create their own fights and be entirely independent from their faction in Cyrodiil.

Take note that a good part of the information you will find in here resolves around magicka users. This being said, it is still extremely efficient to simply replace your magicka damage dealers by stamina necromancers and wardens. Keep in mind that you will still need magicka healers. Skills like Radiating Regeneration or Illustrious Healing and ultimates like Remembrance or Reviving Barrier are not comparable to the options you have as a stamina player. Finally, several points in this guide are still valuable and highly recommended for both playstyles.

We will go over what I believe to be the ideal group composition for the current patch for a group of 12 or/to 16 players in Cyrodiil. We will divide this section into different categories and provide specific information related to each of them such as the roles and the classes optimized for magicka group play.

We will also cover specific game mechanics such as situation awareness, positioning, anticipating, communication, gear options and group buffs, raid leading, lockdowns, major and minor buffs/debuffs, synergies and harmony.

Secondly, we will cover a fair list of highly recommended addons and any configuration involved which will make your life much easier overall.

Finally, we will go over ingame options which offer a lot of customization to make your group play experience much easier in Cyrodiil. We will optimize your game client to maximize the framerates while maintaining decent video quality for The Elder Scrolls Online. The goal will be to make your UI as smooth as possible to display only the desired information and hide / disable anything that can get in your way.

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The roles inside a group of 12 to 16 players can be divided into 3 different categories. As a result, it allows you to focus mainly on specific stats that will make your role as efficient as possible.

There are several classes and specs which are not optimal for organized group play and that for multiple reasons which are basically role or class related. This does not mean it wouldn’t work. It simply means that it would not be optimized.

Ideally, you want to aim for the following classes and specs. “Recommended” means that you should have those in your group and “Optional” means they should be there only to cover another role or game mechanic missing.

For example, if you don’t have a magicka sorcerer to Streak your enemies and provide lockdowns, you could use a magicka nightblade with Mass Hysteria. More details will be provided in the invididual builds.

This being said and because of several flaws in the overall balance of the game, it is possible and encouraged in certain situations to mix roles together, especially if you play with less than 16.

For example, it is highly encouraged since the Dragonhold patch to have Radiating Regeneration used by every single magicka role since it is applied to 3 players and it can be stacked by different casters. Also, since spell damage increases both your damage and healing potential, a set like New Moon Acolyte really buffs your Healing Over Time (HoT) even as a damage dealer.

Damage Dealers

  • Magicka Dragonknight (Optional)
  • Magicka Necromancer (Optional)
  • Magicka Nightblade (Optional)
  • Magicka Sorcerer (Recommended)
  • Magicka Warden (Recommended)
  • Stamina Necromancer (Recommended)
  • Stamina Warden (Optional)

Advantages :

  • Proximity Detonation (Magicka > Stamina for burst)
  • Delayed AOEs (Shalks or Blastbones)
  • Damage Synergies
  • Group Buffs
  • Off Healing
  • Lockdowns
  • Ultimates
  • Ulti Gen
  • Mobility
  • Sustain


  • Magicka Templar (Recommended)
  • Magicka Necromancer (Recommended)
  • Magicka Nightblade (Optional)
  • Magicka Warden (Recommended)

Advantages :

  • Healing Potential
  • Built in Purges
  • Group Buffs
  • Ultimates
  • Ulti Gen
  • Mobility
  • Sustain


  • Magicka Dragonknight (Recommended)
  • Magicka Necromancer (Recommended)
  • Magicka Sorcerer (Recommended)
  • Stamina Sorcerer (Recommended)
  • Stamina Warden (Optional)

Advantages :

  • Damage Synergies
  • Group Buffs
  • Off Healing
  • Lockdowns
  • Ultimates
  • Ulti Gen
  • Sustain

Greymoor Chapter

With the Greymoor Chapter, there have been several adjustements made in the Group Composition. A lot of these changes impact directly every single role of the group composition. We will discuss new sets, abilities and rotation.

Snow Treaders

The Snow Treaders must be my favorite quality of life change since release. With the current game performances server wide and the constantly increasing delay with abilities and weapon swap responsiveness, these boots really bring a refreshing flavor to our gameplay.

As you guys already know, when playing during the weekend at primetime on the most popular campaign, the ping can go really high and create serious delays of 5 to 8 seconds when casting skills which makes it really hard for movement and group coordination.

Having only two seconds of roots and snares immunity with Race Against Time combined with the bad latency makes it difficult to prebuff correctly while keeping up with the raid before an engagement or during a kiting phase.

These new boots combined with either of the following options really help dealing with things like Bombard or Encase spam.

The downside is that your group will become much slower in certain situations and certain classes like DKs, Necros and Templars without an escape move will struggle more to get back to the group after being chained or being the victim of a rollback. As a result, you will need to compensate some place else.

On a different note, the boots don’t apply to a stamina setup since you benefit from a 4 seconds immunity from either Shuffle or Forward Momentum.

You also benefit from a 15% sprint speed boost from wearing 5 pieces medium and 10% speed boost from being an orc for damage dealers. Your higher stamina pool allows you to cc break and dodge roll more which makes it much easier to keep up with the raid overall.

Finally, keep in mind that Race Against Time should still be used before an engagement to provide Minor Force. It simply won’t be needed for any other reason.

I recommend playing around with the following elements and finding your comfortable spot.

Steed Mundus

The Steed Mundus provides you with an additional 10% movement speed. Keep in mind that you would lose either the penetration from The Lover as a Damage Dealer, healing potential from The Ritual as a Healer and sustain from The Atronach as a Support.

One or Two Swift

Changing to one or two Swift traits is advised only if you play as a Support or Healer. Changing Harmony pieces would be be too impactful to our burst damage and I would suggest to go with the Steed Mundus instead.

More Magsorcs and Magdens

Magsorcs or Magdens benefit from skills which provide them with an escape tool in case they get chained or teleported away from the raid. Streak and Bursting Vines really help to get back in the group quickly and keep rolling. I highly recommend having at least two Magden DD and one Magsorc DD if you intend on using the boots.

Minor and Major Expedition

Keeping a good uptime on these buffs has never been more important since the nerf to Retreating Maneuvers.

If you decide to run with a group using the Treaders, it is imperative that you run with one Stamina Support setup and at least one Stamina Damage Dealer setup as a backup.

The goal is to maintain an uptime of at least 90% on Charging Maneuver in all situations which will increase the global movement speed of the group by 40%.

I would also highly advise your Stamina Support player to go back for people getting stuck behind, to position themselves between the player in troubles and the enemies and to provide them with Maneuvers and Vigors.

In the end, it all comes down to your raid leader being quick enough at analyzing the situation and making the call to either decide to save or leave the player. We can’t wait forever, especially under heavy pressure and away from choke points and LoS.

Vampire and Elusive Mist

Consider switching the slow classes back to Vampire with Elusive Mist. This would be Magicka Dragonknight, Magicka Necromancer and Magicka Templar. The nice thing about Mist Form is that the damage mitigation provided also applies to shields. Just make sure to not use it if you are under 50% health and to call “Out of Mist” to help your healers know when to burst. To be fair, they should be spamming burst heals no matter what. This is just courtesy toward them.

Overall, keep in mind that when playing in openfield and heavily outnumbered, it is extremely important to create a gap between you and the zerg behind until you reach a choke point to push back. Constantly waiting for slow people stuck behind will make it much harder.

Make sure to use every tool at your disposal like Agony Totem and backpedalling Bombard or Encase to help create that gap.

Malacath’s Band of Brutality

Since Damage Synergies with Harmony and Proximity Detonation scale extremely well with critical strikes, Malacath's Band of Brutality will benefit only a Stamina Damage Dealer setup.

In our group composition, this would apply to either a Necromancer or a Warden. I have personally tested different sets combinations and I am satisfied with the performances of the ring overall.

Some people say that it benefits more a heavy armor user but I personally disagree. Even if the ring nullifies the crit chance passive from medium armor, you still get a raw 15% additional damage increase which is significant.

Sets which provide high weapon damage and max stamina or dmg proc such as Azureblight Reaper, Clever Alchemist, New Moon Acolyte, Agility or Balorgh really help make a good use of the ring.

Willpower and Agility

Willpower and Agility are the perfect fit with a unique item. No matter if you play as a Damage Dealer, a Healer or a Support, increasing your max magicka or stamina pool will always be beneficial. The main goal is to combine 1pc Unique with 2pc Willpower / Agility with either Maelstrom, Master or Blackrose weapons with a 5pc set and a monster set.

Master, Maelstrom and Blackrose Weapons

Perfected Master Restoration Staff

The Perfected Grand Rejuvenation should be used by both Healer and Support players.

With the Greymoor chapter :

  • This set now grants up to 117 Magicka and Stamina to target affected, up from 100.
  • This set now has a Perfected version that grants up to 877 Max Magicka.

Since the major nerf to Grand Healing making it unstackable and the switch to Illustrious Healing, the skill has become very under rated and it not used enough by a lot of people.

To perform well as a group, you have to be in constant mouvement and this is why the nerf making the skill unstackable by the same player has a very minor impact since it must be reapplied as we move anyway.

Keeping a layer of this skill by every Support and Healer in your raid will be extremely beneficial on the sustain of your raid and will reduce the amount of times Support players and Damage Dealers have to use Spell Symmetry or Dark Conversion / Dark Deal.

Perfected Blackrose Restoration Staff

The Perfect Mender's Ward should be used by all Support players.

With the Greymoor chapter :

  • Reduced the duration of Major Vitality to 2 seconds, down from 3.
  • Reduced the Perfected version’s Magicka Recovery to 103.

Even with the nerf of Major Vitality to 2 seconds, Support players using Healing Ward combined with Healers using Breath of Life to help a player catch up with the raid is a life saver if used quickly enough.

On a different note, since the Snow Treaders are now negating dozens and dozens of negative effects from being applied to 90% of your group members, purging has become not as tedious and crucial as it used to be.

As a result, it provides more room for your Support players to focus on healing and damage synergies. This will significantly improves your survivability overall by fully exploiting their healing potential.

For example, a Magicka Sorcerer with Power Surge combined with Cleanse, Radiating Regeneration and Illustrious Healing will provide insane healing and stats return to your raid. Don’t be surprised to even compete with your full time healers on the meter.

This being said, Purge is still extremely important to help the group get away after an engagement and during the kiting phase. Make sure to have two of your Magicka Support Players focusing more heavily on purging the raid.

That would be classes with range synergies who have an easier time to stay with the group such as Necromancer and a Sorcerer. I usually reffer to these support roles as “offensive” and “defensive”. You’ll find all the details in the Classes section and the individual builds.

Perfected Maelstrom Restoration Staff

The Perfected Precise Regeneration should be used by all Magicka Damage Dealers.

With the Greymoor Chapter :

  • Decreased the Magicka granted from this set to 500, down from 800.
  • Removed the cooldown from this set, though note it cannot proc from the event of simultaneous critical heals from Radiant Regeneration.
  • This set now has a Perfected version that grants up to 666 Spell Critical Rating.

No change here, Damage Dealers should still use Radiating Regeneration once or twice before every engagement and quite often during the kiting phase.
This is all relative but as a Damage Dealer, your healing done should always be at least 5% of the raid. As a Magsorc, at least 10%.

Perfected Master Lightning Staff

The Perfected Destructive Impact should also be used by all Magicka Damage Dealers.

  • This set now grants up to 600 Spell Damage for 4 seconds after casting Destructive Touch.
  • Reduced the cost reduction granted towards Destructive Touch to 10%, down from 30%.
  • This set now has a Perfected version that grants up to 103 Spell Damage.
Destructive Reach will be added in your prebuffing phase right before your Proximity Detonation explodes. It will also give you 4 seconds to use synergies available.

This staff is a new addition to the builds and matches perfectly well with our 1pc unique and 2pc Willpower.

Perfected Master Two-Handed Sword

The Perfected Titanic Cleave should be used by all Stamina Damage Dealers.

  • Increased the stacking damage bonus of this set to 1550, up from 1500.
  • Increased the target cap to 24, up from 6.

No change in the rotation from last patch but an extremely welcome change which now scales up to 24 players and will also match with 1pc unique and 2pc Agility.

Perfected Blackrose Dual Wield Swords

The Perfect Spectral Cloak should be used by all Stamina Damage Dealers.

  • This set now increases your damage done and reduces your damage taken by 6% for 2 seconds when dealing damage with Blade Cloak, rather than granting Major Protection for 3 seconds after casting it.
  • Reduced the Perfected version’s Stamina Recovery to 103.

Again, no change here but a great addition to our damage done and also a new source of damage reduction which will stack with Major Protection.

No matter your role and the weapons you intend on using, make sure to go farm for the perfected version. You never want to cut edges if you want to stay competitive.


Taking into account that several players might end up with a smaller magicka or stamina pool and recovery because of the reasons mentioned above, we will be adding two different sets to our group composition to help our overall sustain.

3x Symphony of Blades and 1x Hollowfang Thirst will provide a very welcome sustain bonus to the group while also countering the nerf to healing through Battle Spirit (10%) by introducing Minor Vitality (8%).

Sorcerer (Class Overview)

  • The class has a built in execute, Mages' Wrath, which provides much more damage compared to Wall of Elements, Unstable Wall of Elements or Soul Splitting Trap. You can use tools such as  Combat Metrics to check your numbers at the end of a long fight. We will cover this in the Addons section.
  • The class can also rely on a built in sustain skill, Dark Conversion, which allows you to increase your healing potential and the shield strength of your Hardened Ward drastically by avoiding the use of Spell Symmetry.
  • You also have access to a built in gap closer, Streak which hard stuns enemies throught block and offers you the highest mobility in the game.
  • Not to forget Power Surge which got changed into an AOE heal and will proc off crit heals from Radiating Regeneration. Don’t be surprised to find yourself competing with the full time healers in your group on the healing meter.
  • Back baring Suppression Field can save your group in several scenarios where your Support Sorcerers don’t have one available.
  • Magicka Sorcerer is in my opinion, the most balanced class for Group PvP and is not comparable to any other.

For more details, see the updated Magicka Sorcerer Damage Dealer build for Greymoor Chapter.

Situation Awareness – Coming Soon

Anticipating Group Lead – Coming Soon

Communication – Coming Soon

Gear options and Group Buffs – Coming Soon

Lockdowns – Coming Soon

Dodge Roll / Blocking – Coming Soon

Hots and Dots – Coming Soon

Major and Minor Buffs – Coming Soon

Major and Minor Debuffs – Coming Soon

Synergies and Harmony – Coming Soon

Raid Leading – Coming Soon

Stamina Group Comp – Coming Soon

Framerates – Coming Soon

Ping – Coming Soon

Ingame Options – Coming Soon

UI Settings – Coming Soon

Hardwares – Coming Soon

Addons – Coming Soon

06.08.2020 Updated Guide for Greymoor DLC. Cyrodiil Large Group Play.