DPS Test Stamina Warden Elder Scrolls Online ESO

DPS test stamina warden

DPS Test Stamina Warden

Here you can find DPS Tests on Target Skeleton related to Stamina Warden setups.

Stamina Warden Build – Morrowind PTS

Video Timestamps:

00:10 Setup Explanation
04:42 DPS Tests

Once Morrowind releases, the build will be called Guardian which I already have a thread about, still a prototype tho and you can see a lot of things already changed.


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I will add a rotation maybe next week, I first want to see what they are going to change in the next PTS update.

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Gonna do the 24H stream on friday starting around 1pm CET. :) ITS GONNA HAPPEN unless the world explodes twitch.tv/alcasthq @TESOnline
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