DPS Test Magicka Warden Elder Scrolls Online ESO

DPS Test magicka Warden

DPS Test Magicka Warden

Here you can find DPS Tests on Target Skeleton related to Magicka Warden setups.

Magicka Warden Build – Morrowind PTS

Video Timestamps:

00:10 Setup Explanation
08:04 DPS Tests

Once Morrowind releases, the build will be called Ice & Fire which I already have a thread about, still a prototype tho and you can see a lot of things already changed.


If you want you can use the Bear, you will get slightly more single target damage. However, in raids I highly recommend using the Destro Ultimate because it has a lot more AoE damage.



The rotation is still quite experimental, but watching the videos when I do DPS tests you should get a feeling on how we going to do it. On our backbar we have our DoTs, we basically go to our backbar every 8-9 seconds to reapply the DoTs and then go to the frontbar and use Deep Fissure and Cliff Racer till we have to go back to reapply our DoTs.

I will add a rotation maybe next week, I first want to see what they are going to change in the next PTS update.

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DPS Test magicka warden

DPS Test Magicka Warden

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