DPS Test Magicka Sorcerer Elder Scrolls Online ESO

DPS TEST MAgicka Sorcerer

DPS Test Magicka Sorcerer

Here you can find DPS Tests on Target Skeleton related to Magicka Sorcerer setups.

Magicka Sorcerer Pet Build – Homestead

In this video I am explaining the basics to achieve good Damage on a Magicka Sorcerer Pet Build. At the end of the video we are analyzing the Combat Metrics Parse so you can understand where most damage comes from and for what else you have to watch out!

Video Timestamps:

01:18 Setup Explanation
04:54 DPS Test
06:22 Analyze Combat Metrics Parse

This build is a slightly modified version from the Magicka Sorcerer Pet Build Summoner.

Gear used

  • 5x Necropotence
  • 3x Moondancer
  • 2x Grothdarr
  • 1x Moondancer Sharpened Fire Staff frontbar
  • 1x Random Sharpened Shock Staff backbar (Best in Slot would be Maelstrom Sharpened Shock Staff)


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5L / 1M / 1H 64M / 0H / 0S


Before¬†the fight starts drink a potion and then wait 10seconds, apply Elemental Drain and start with the rotation. Drop Ultimate whenever it is ready. It requires a bit of training to get used to the random Crystal Fragments proc, once you do get the feeling for it, you will have no problems ūüôā Backbar is always the same as you simply reapply all the DoTs and thats it.

> Liquid Lightning > Light Attack > Blockade of Storms > Pet > Light Attack > Daedric Prey > Weapon Swap
> Light Attack > Force Pulse > (Or Cystal Fragments)  Light Attack > Forcepulse (Or Cystal Fragments) > Light Attack > Forcepulse (Or Cystal Fragments) > Weapon Swap
> Liquid Lightning > Light Attack > Blockade of Storms > Light Attack > Pet > Daedric Prey > Weapon Swap
> Light Attack > Force Pulse (Or Cystal Fragments) > Light Attack > Forcepulse > (Or Cystal Fragments) Light Attack > Elemental Drain > Weapon Swap

Combat Metrics Parse

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