Cloudrest Trial Summerset Chapter, Elder Scrolls Online ESO

Cloudrest Trial Summerset

Cloudrest Trial Summerset

This here is just the information guide, if you want to see the full Cloudrest guide check out this article about the Cloudrest Guide.

The city of Cloudrest is home to the Aerie of Eton Nir, where an elite force of battlemages (the Welkynar of Eton Nir) are garrisoned alongside their faithful companion gryphons. The Aerie has guarded Summerset since the First Age, but the city of Cloudrest below now lies vacant. The last Welkynar of Eton Nir, Olorime, has returned only to find the city fallen to some fell power. She was reporting to the Queen on the successful capture of an infamous Sea Sload shadowcaster named Z’Maja. It was so cowed by the Welkynar’s valor that Z’Maja surrendered without a fight when they confronted her.

As you observe the city, you see black gryphons carrying black riders and giant shadowy tendrils from within the city itself. Eton Nir’s roost is home to more than just gryphons now, and you will have to defeat challenges both in the mundus and in a twisted shadow copy if you wish to stop the darkness that grows in Summerset’s very heart.

  • Cloudrest is a 12-player Trial located on the tallest mountain within Summerset, Eton Nir.
  • The Trial includes a normal and challenging Veteran version.
  • There are unique new Item Sets within the Trial including Perfected versions only found in the Veteran difficulty.

Unique Achievement awards are available for completing the Trial, including:

  • Unique Player Skin
  • Several Titles
  • Unique housing items


Note: I will be working on a guide and plan on releasing it when Summerset launches.

Z’Maja – Main Boss

aka Hypno-Sload

Cloudrest Trial Summerset

Shade of Galenwe

Shade of Relequen

Shade of Silaeda

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