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12-16 Man Group Builds PvP Cyrodiil

In this category of the website you can find all builds related to 12-16 man group size for PvP in Cyrodiil. The builds are aimed at coordinated group play and only work with the suggested 12-16 man group size.

You will also find a guide for Cyrodiil Group Play designed to help you understand all the mechanics involved and give you the best chances of success.

These Cyrodiil Group Builds are created by FrozyESO, if you have any questions about this setup I recommend asking him either during his live streams on twitch or in our community partner discord @FrozyESO#6969.

About the Author:

FrozyESO has been playing The Elder Scrolls Online since the Beta. He has a lot of PvP experience in Cyrodiil with all classes. He is currently going for Grand Overlord on all classes! You can catch him during his live streams on Twitch if you have any questions about his builds.