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Psijic Order Skill Line Showcase & Information, ESO

Psijic Order Skill Line Welcome to the introduction of the Psijic Order Skill Line for the Summerset Chapter for Elder Scrolls Online. This article is here to make you more familiar with the abilities and passives of the Psijic Order Skill Line. You will be able to see the base skill and both of its […]

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Cloudrest Trial Summerset Chapter, Elder Scrolls Online ESO

Cloudrest Trial Summerset The city of Cloudrest is home to the Aerie of Eton Nir, where an elite force of battlemages (the Welkynar of Eton Nir) are garrisoned alongside their faithful companion gryphons. The Aerie has guarded Summerset since the First Age, but the city of Cloudrest below now lies vacant. The last Welkynar of […]

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New Sets Summerset Chapter, Elder Scrolls Online ESO

New Sets Summerset Chapter There are 10 new Item Sets available from a variety of sources. 3 Item Sets are available at crafting stations in Summerset, 3 Item Sets are available as drops throughout Summerset, and 4 Item Sets are available as drops in the new Trial, Cloudrest. Crafted Sets Adept Rider Sload’s Semblance Nocturnal’s […]

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Jewelry Crafting Summerset Chapter Elder Scrolls Online ESO

Jewelry Crafting Summerset Overview: Who can use Jewelry Crafting What can you do with Jewelry Crafting Materials Traits Upgrade Materials Stat difference of jewelry quality Passive Skill-Line Jewelry Crafting Writs Jewelry Crafting Stations Who can use Jewelery Crafting You must own ESO Summerset Chapter to craft, traitchange and upgrade Jewelry. Without Summerset Chapter you are […]

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Prototype Builds for Summerset

Prototype Builds These builds are here to show you what we most likely will run in the next patch, those builds are in no way final. When can we expect the final version? Final version of the builds will be available usually one or a few days before the new Update, in this case when [...]
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Summerset Isles Changes – pre-Summerset PTS

With the embargo being lifted for some parts of the new Summerset Isles Chapter update, I want to give you a general overview of the changes I have seen at the ZOSHQ playtesting event. Also keep in mind this is not a complete list of all the new things and changes that are coming. You […]

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Summerset Isles Chapter Information – Elder Scrolls Online ESO

Summerset Isles Summerset Isles is the second Chapter for Elder Scrolls Online and will be released on console on June 5th and PC will get the release on May 21st. I will be updating this page as soon as we get more information for the upcoming Chapter! Once we know more I will also create […]

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Animation Canceling explained - Summerset Chapter ESO: via @YouTube
You can now find the Dragonstar Arena Guide on my website, if you have any feedback for it please post it in the fe……
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