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Bloodroot Forge Guide Welcome to the Bloodroot Forge Guide for Elder Scrolls Online. This Dungeon is unlocked when you are purchasing the Horns of the Reach DLC, it is located in Craglorn. Table of Contents Trash Monsters First Boss – Mathgamain Second Boss – Caillaoife Third Boss – Stoneheart Fourth Boss – Galchobhar Fifth Boss […]

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Selene vs Velidreth for Stamina Setup In the video I am showcasing stuff on Stamina DK. You can do this for most stamina setups to see whether Selene actually procs from your skills or not. Selene Selene has a 15% proc chance on direct melee damage and deals 13,8k damage to the target, cooldown is 4 […]

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Stam Sorc WW Build "Rage" Commentary PVP Battlegrounds - Elder Scrolls Online: via @YouTube
It would be great if we could earn credits for our performance not for time played in a match. Would that not be gr……
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