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DPS Test Stamina Sorcerer Here you can find all kind of DPS Tests for Stamina Sorcerer Deathstroke Build DPS Parse on Rakkhat Hardmode – Morrowind We are using the Deathstroke Build setup with a Maelstrom Sword Sharpened. Gear used 5x Twice Fanged Serpent 5x War Machine 1x Maelstom Weapon Skills Sorcerer Open in build planner » […]

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DPS Test Magicka Sorcerer Here you can find DPS Tests on Target Skeleton related to Magicka Sorcerer setups. Magicka Sorcerer Pet Build – Homestead In this video I am explaining the basics to achieve good Damage on a Magicka Sorcerer Pet Build. At the end of the video we are analyzing the Combat Metrics Parse […]

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