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DPS Test Magicka Nightblade Here you can find DPS Tests on Target Skeleton related to Magicka Nightblade setups. Magicka Nightblade Build – Morrowind PTS Video Timestamps: 00:10 Setup Explanation 06:15 DPS Tests   This is the setup that I will most likely run for my Azure Nightblade Build. 5x Scathing Mage or Master Architect 3x Moondancer or Willpower 2x Grothdarr or […]

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Graveld Worldboss - Summerset Zone, Elder Scrolls Online: via @YouTube
I laughed so hard when I read this xD @Inklings_ESO @SlashLurk darnit we need a wroble twitter tag!
When people start releasing builds with 6s potion cooldown but do not realize its a bug lmao