About Me

Who is Alcast?

My real name is Sandro, I am an content creator who focuses mainly Elder Scrolls Online content. I love playing games and creating useful guides for everyone. I started creating content towards the end of 2014 on my Youtube Channel with PvP and PvE content. Live streaming also became part of my life and I now do it regularly on my Twitch Channel where you can watch me live. I do mostly play Elder Scrolls Online but sometimes I also play some other games. After some time I also started creating a website to support both my Youtube and Twitch Channels. As you can see now, my website, Youtube and Twitch are all very well linked with each other. The website offers a lot of content and easy access to builds so you can get information without having to watch a video. On Youtube I produce a lot of Guides and also Build videos for those that prefer watching things, plus I also like to upload live streams or highlights of streams. My Twitter and my Facebook pages are mostly here to promote my content and talk to people. My Patreon page is also here for people who want to support me, in case you do decide to, thank you very much. We also do have a huge Discord Partner Server where Players can discuss Elder Scrolls related things with each other and share their thoughts, I highly recommend joining.

I have been raiding with Hodor, one of the best raiding guilds in the game since end of 2014. The guild specializes in completing Trials. With the Hodor Guild we have managed to secure all the World First Clears of the new Trials such as Maw of Lorkhaj, Halls of Fabrication, Asylum Sanctorium and Cloudrest along with most of the Hardmode, Speedrun and NoDeath clears. In my opinion our biggest achievement yet is still the Worlds First Tick Tock Tormentor, as even at this point of time there are only very few guilds that manged to get this achievement.

All the Builds and Guides that you can find here on the website are infused with the long time knowledge from myself and the Hodor Guild. Therefore you can expect very high quality and in depth guides for all the classes and new content. I do try to create content for all people, wheter you are already maxed out or just have begun your joureny as a Beginner, my builds are very detailed and always showcase different setups whether you are new or a long time player. If you do have any questions you can also always ask me on my Twitch while I am live streaming or for example on my Discord where we have a huge community.

I am originally from Switzerland. However, I am currently studying in Germany trying to finish my Bachelor Degree in Applied Psychology. Before that I already finished an apprenticeship in the chemical & pharmaceutical industry which took 3 years to complete, served in the Swiss Army for about 2,5h years with the rank of a 1st Lieutenant and I have lived in several different cities such as Vancouver, Mostar, Bordeaux, Munich and a few other places.

What is next?

I am planning on going Full Time Streamer in 2019 around May, because that is the date when I should finish my Bachelor Degree in Applied Psychology. I do plan on mostly creating content for Elder Scrolls Online. In addition I also would like to start playing some other games, to bring variety in and also share my thoughts on other games that everyone enjoys.

ESO Projects

Woeler and I have teamed up to create Elder Scrolls related websites, such as ESO-Sets.com and ESO-Skillbooks.com. Our websites are the most up to date resources that you can find for Elder Scrolls Online. The moment Zenimax Online Studio releases patch notes and changes skills or sets for a new patch, we immediately update the websites within minutes, giving you an always up to date experience. We are already planning more projects which we have not announced yet, just make sure to follow my social sites and you will know when we have a new exiting announcement!

The websites are also 100% mobile ready, making it easy to navigate and giving you a good experience on mobile. You can also give us feedback or suggestions for our sites. For example, people requested that we introduce advanced search for sets or sets comparison and we immediately started working on getting it implemented.