Power Leveling

Power Leveling

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One Tamriel Hype!!!!!

Here you can find out how to get to level 50 very fast! 🙂

Before we begin:

  • You get more exp while grinding as a duo(10% more exp)
  • AoE (Area of Effect) is required to get the most out of grinding to kill multiple mobs fast
  • You only gain full exp from mobs that are above/below you by 5 levels, you may also miss a lot more hits

The easy way?:
Many people craft lv 6 or 10 gear and keep it till they are at max level. This is possible due to battle level scaling in certain Zones. It might take a bit longer, but at least you dont have a ton of gear.

Where to grind?

I will show you the most effective and some easy grindspots.

  1. Easiest grindspot (+for Beginners) > Old Orsinium
  2. Most effective > Imperial Sewers Grindspot. Superfast EXP + Bone Shards and Dark Ether (Willpower Jewelry)
  3. Cyrodiil grindspots Cracked Woodcave and Lipsand Tarn

Orsinium Public Dungeons

Those 2 Dungeons are the most effective way to level characters easy and fast. Tons of mobs and it easy to find a good rotation.

Grindpublic Dungeons Wrothgar

Old Orsinium

This is the easiest grindspot, you can start grinding here with level 3. The mobs do really low damage and they die super fast. The Video shows you how you can open the door to get into the right area for the grindspot.

Old Orsinium Grindspot

Old Orsinium Rotation + How to open Door


In case old orsinium is full you can go to Rkindaleft. Mobs hit a little bit harder.


Rkindaleft Rotation

Imperial City Sewers

Imperial City has 2 very nice grindspots and the first one on the left also drop Dark Aether and Bone Shards which are used for Willpower Jewelry. Those 2 spots are basically the most efficient ones if you want to grind Cp up as fast as possible.

imp city

Cyrodiil Grind Spots

There is 2 really effective grindspots in Cyrodiil. Cracked Woodcave and Lispand Tarn. It is easy to grind there because mobs die really fast. Just watch out for enemy players!

Cyrodiil Map

Cracked Woodcave 

cracked wood cave grindspot

Cracked Woodcave Rotation

Lipsand Tarn 

Lipsand Tarn rotation

Lipsand Tarn Rotation

Base Game Grind Spots

If you do not own any DLCs then there is some alternative grindspots for all Alliances, Rakeshieso has created the tutorial for those grindspots here:

Complete Aldmeri Dominion 1-50 Power Leveling Guide

Complete Ebonheart 1-50 Power Leveling Guide

Complete Daggerfall Covenant 1-50 Power Leveling Guide

Those spots are still very viable if you do not own any of the new DLCs.



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