Frostmage Magicka Sorcerer PvE Build

Frostmage Magicka Sorcerer PvE Build


08.10.2016 Added Build
10.10.2016 Corrected a typo in the skill section about the type of staff used
27.10.2016 Updated Easy to get Gearsetup

Idea of the Build

The Frostmage Build is built around 300 CP and it is meant for Solo and Dungeon content. You can find several gearsetups, some that are really easy to get and some that you will need to do some farming before you can get the right sets.

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Iceheart: Direfrost Keep
Seducer: Craftable (3 Traits)
Spinners Garments: Malabal Tor
Shadow Dancer Raiment: Greenshade
Willpower: Imperial City Vaults/ Guildstore
Winterborn: Maelstrom Arena (Normal/Vet)
Master Staff: Dragonstar Arena (Vet)

Where drops what?


Frost Staff Mainbar:
Slot 1: Blockade of Frost
Slot 2: Crystal Fragments
Slot 3: Force Pulse
Slot 4: Elemental Drain/ harness Magicka
Slot 5: Bound Aegis
Ulti: Icy Rage

Frost Staff-Bar:
Slot 1: Liquid Lightning
Slot 2: Dark Conversion
Slot 3: Frost Ring
Slot 4: Power Surge
Slot 5: Bound Aegis
Ulti: Icy Rage/ Greater Storm Attronarch


The Ritual
The Attronarch
The Apprentice
100 Elemental Expert
The Shadow
The Lover
The Tower
100 Magician
The Lord
The Lady
50 Hardy, 50 Elemental Defender
The Steed

Important Info

Salitude Salmon-Millet Soup (Max HP + Max Magicka)

Mundus Stone
Thief Mundus (Increased Spell Critical)

Altmer (Recommended)
Darkelf (Recommended)
Any Race

Essence of Magicka (Returns Magicka)
Spellcrit Potions (Spell Damage, Spell Critical, Magicka)

And many more, watch my video about Potions that can help you win fights! >

You will need the following passives:
Dark Magic, Daedric Summoning, Storm Calling, Light Armor, Heavy Armor (Juggernaunt Passive), Destruction Staff, Vampire (optional), Mages Guild, Racial, Undaunted, Alchemy: Medicinal Use



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