Championpoints Jumppoints for Elder Scrolls Online

Championpoints Jumppoints

Championpoints Jumppoints

What are Championpoints Jumppoints?

This rule only applies to Elfborn (The Apprentice) and Precise Strikes (The Ritual Tree) Perk. You can put 100 points in each of those two perks to get increased critical damage for up to 25%. Due to rounding errors, those two still suffer from jump points. Which means, not each point that you invest will actually increase your damage! For example, if you invest 98 or 100 points into Elfborn does not matter, you will get the same increased critical damage modifier, even tho it shows you a slightly different percentage number.

Elfborn & Precise Strikes Jumppoints

If you invest points into those two perks make sure that they are always according to the numbers below. For example, if you put 32 points into Elfborn. You will get the same damage as when you only put 29 points into Elfborn. As you can see, the next jumppoint is at 33 points. So either put 29 or 33 points in that perk, but do not put something in between. If you invest points according tho the Jumppoints, then you can save a few and invest them somewhere else.

1,2,4,7,9,12,15,18,22,26,29,33,38,42,46,51,56,61,66,71,76,81,87,92, and 98.

What about the other Perks?

The other perks do not suffer from Jumppoints. You can invest as many points as you want there and you will always get the increased % amount.

How important are those Jumppoints?

You really only loose a few points. I myself do not always adjust my Championpoints according to the Jumpoints because it is almost irrelevant. If you want to be the god of min/maxing then definitely go for it.

Link: The Information was obtained from Asayre’s thread on tamrielfoundry, under “Critical Modifier”. He has a very detailed write up there. If you are interested in other calculations, I do recommennd checking out more of Asayre’s stuff. You can check out his profile on tamrielfoundry or on the official ESO forum for more intersting stuff.

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