AZURE Magicka Nightblade DD PvE Build

AZURE Magicka Nightblade DD PvE Build


31.01.2017 Updated Build for Homestead Update 13
14.02.2017 Updated Gearsetup with Grothdarr/Valkyn

Idea of the Build

Magicka Nightblade DD PVE Build, this build is made for Trialgroups with max Support.

You can check out @IWM on Tamrielfoundry, he is using a similar build:

Youtube Video Guide



Burning Spellweave: City of Ash
Moondancer: Maw of Lorkhaj
Ilambris: Crypt of hearts
Maelstrom Staff: vMaelstrom Arena
Twice Born Star: Craftable
Julianos: Craftable
Willpower: Imperial City Vaults, Guildstore


Inferno Staff:
Slot 1: Wall of Fire
Slot 2: Crippling Grasp
Slot 3: Force Pulse
Slot 4: Impale
Slot 5: Inner Light
Ulti: Shooting Star

Inferno Staff 2nd Bar:
Slot 1: Merciless Resolve
Slot 2: Twisting Path
Slot 3: Sap Essence/ Impulse
Slot 4: Rearming Trap
Slot 5: Inner Light
Ulti: Soul Harvest

For Trashfights swap out Shooting star with Destro Ultimate.
For Bossfights make sure to have Soulharvest on your execute bar to gain insane damage increase!


The Ritual
40 Thaumaturge
The Attronarch
The Apprentice
100 Elemental Expert, 60 Elfborn
The Shadow
The Lover
100 Arcanist
The Tower
100 Magician
The Lord
The Lady
100 Hardy, 100 Elemental Defender
The Steed

Important Info

Solitude Salmon-Millet Soup (Health+Magicka)

Mundus Stone
The Thief (Increased Spell Critical)

Darkelf (Recommended)
Altmer (Recommended)

Spellcrit Potions

(Spelldmg, Spellcrit, Magicka)
(Cornflower, Ladys Smock, Water Hyacinth)

And many more, watch my video about Potions that can help you win fights! >

You will need the following passives:
Assassination, Shadow, Siphoning, Light Armor, Heavy Armor (Juggernaut passive), Destruction Staff, Fighters Guild, Racial, Mages Guild: Might of the Guild, Undaunted, Alchemy: Medicinal Use



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